Outside patio benches should always be considered and will go with whatever style patio you have.

There are many styles and designs of benches available made from a variety of materials. No matter where you live there are outdoor benches made to specifically for your area, some of wood, metal, resin or concrete.

Some outdoor benches are manufactured using both wood and iron which looks great together with any patio decorating concept. With the arrival of unexpected guests this type of seating is perfect, although they do not provide the comfort of a traditional patio chair. Whatever type of outdoor benches or patio furniture you decide to purchase, try sitting on them to test for comfort before buying them. Benches constructed of wicker or resin are cheaper but can be just as satisfactory.

When designing a patio, many decorators will use several outdoor wood benches in thier outdoor patio ideas to form a faux wall around a patio while providing seating for several persons. A bench not only provides extra seating it can also be a barrier to a child on the patio or show off a prize potted azalea. Regardless of the materials used, all outdoor furniture requires some care and maintenance.

Consider Concrete, Wood or Resin

Concrete outdoor benches are a good choice for longevity purposes but they can be very heavy and also quite cold. Concrete may also begin to degrade after several freeze-thaw cycles and due to their weight will probably remain outdoors through every season.

Some outdoor wood benches have been created to conform to a person’s body shape such as in the adirondack style. The wood slats will need protection from the weather, much like a wood patio deck and failure to do so can result in rotting wood, sometimes not noticed until someone goes to sit down and ends up on the ground. They can be carefully taken apart for repairs when necessary.

Resin outdoor benches have come a long way in terms of color choices and designs in the past few years. However, the problem with most resin products is when they get too cold they can easily chip or crack if bumped. Some benches can become mis-shapened if placed in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

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