The present world inherited tiki torches from the Central Polynesian culture. Tiki torches have been an object of great admiration and awe for the enthusiasts of tiki.  Tiki torch is made of two parts, the first one is the outer shell or tiki itself while the second part is the torch or the flame.

Originally the outer part was made of wood, but over the ages, with the developments of almost all the items, different materials were used for making it and these days you get them in metals like brass, copper and stainless steel. Metals being more durable, they enable using your tiki torches for a much longer time. So you can decide is metal tiki torch for you.

If you are looking at the décor and the almost near original thing then you will do better with the bamboo tiki torches. As can be expected, bamboo tiki torches are very economical as compared to the metallic counterparts.

The flame forms the other part of a tiki torch. Any torch would need a fuel to keep it burning and an element that transfers fuel for its burning, and that of course is a wick.   It is a very common practice to use paraffin oil as a fuel for these torches.This oil is odorless and is very harmless.The other fuel which can be used is the propane gas or the natural gas.

The use of gas as a fuel calls for having a tank of the required gas along with the necessary pipeline for transferring gas to the torch. The plus point of using gas as a medium for burning is that it offers a continuous flame of uniform, and even adjustable intensity but the flame doesn’t have the same visual charm of an oil based flame. They are often used ceremonial torches.

These torches can be conveniently be procured from a reputed hardware store or you may buy them online and as already mentioned keep in mind that tiki torches with bamboo shells are the most economical.

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