Create positive life forces and tranquility for your surroundings with the ancient principles of Feng Shui.

“Feng Shui” is a method of arranging items for the most favorable within an area to insure a peaceable, healthy, and inspirational atmosphere. Water is one of the five key elements of Feng Shui. In fact, the Chinese term Feng Shui translates as “wind and water”. Since water has both active and introspective qualities, an outdoor water feature is a significant element when applying the principles of Feng Shui. Many people select an indoor water fountain with an Asian design such as a bamboo fountain. Yet, a traditional non-Asian  fountain should serve the same purpose just as well.

Natural materials such as slate, stone, bamboo, wood, and copper are all consistent with the practice of Feng Shui. For example, a bamboo fountain combines water and wood elements. Popular Zen fountains made from a slab of stone combined with bronze are unobtrusive, representing the concept of calm and equilibrium. They are popular as both ground mounted and wall water fountains. No matter what design you select, ensure that the water in your garden water fountain is always fresh, adequately supplied and debris free.

When evaluating your patio or garden, it is important to take into account that in Feng Shui, all parts of the space relate to a symbolic significance. There are many different methods of Feng Shui. However, all use some form of template that partitions the space into specific areas that affect one’s life. These include factors such as as fame, friends, love, wealth, health, and more. In placing a garden fountain, said to facilitate the flow of qi (life energy), the most favorable placement would be in the north, southeast, or east parts of your space.

Curved objects are favored in Feng Shui, so outdoor fountains with rounded basins and those that include a sphere or orb are excellent selections. There are many attractive water fountains designed with a chain of pottery or ceramic containers that spill water into each other, which permits qi to both circulate and accumulate. Metal statuary of birds, frogs, or meditating figures also can enhance symbolism to advance luck, wealth, health, or longevity.

Many gardens can benefit from having a water fountain designed with Feng Shui concepts in mind. Large wall mounted fountains, small tabletop fountains, bamboo fountains, Zen garden fountains, and traditional garden fountains can all play a part in soothing and refreshing the positive energy in your outdoor environment.

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Adding a fountain to the landscaping provides visual and aural interest to your yard. Designing a garden around a brand new fountain specifies the combination of hardscaping the fountain and adding a water garden plus gorgeous plants. 

Choose a place for an out of doors fountain that’s smooth, flat and attractive. Incorporating a fountain into an existing garden is possible, or you are able to place the fountain and then landscape around it. Position the fountain vessel in its final position. This might be a cement form, an extra-giant flower pot, or a dug hole together with a pond liner in it. Learn more about garden statuary fountains here.

Position the fountain pump and all necessary hoses in the middle of the fountain vessel and attach the upright tube plus fountain spray attachment, as well because the electric cord. If there is no electrical outlet nearby, dig a shallow trench in the bottom stretching from your fountain to the closest outlet. Run the electric cord thru a chunk of durable PVC pipe, plus place the PVC pipe in the trench. Bury the PVC pipe and reseed the grass or replace the sod. Fill the fountain with water and plug in the pump to make the water cascade or spray from the top. 

Surround the bottom of the fountain with low-growing ground cover, flat stones, or pavers like brick or cement slabs. If you plant grass or ground cowl around the fountain, come with some stepping stones or a walkway made with mulch or crushed gravel therefore guests to the yard can walk near the fountain and enjoy it. Create sure mulch or gravel does not fall into the fountain. A hoop of stones of bricks can help stop this. 

Place a bench, chair or large rock or tree stump near the fountain to provide seating to those that enjoy the ambiance caused by the fountain. Statuary, a sundial, garden signs or stakes may even add interest to the landscaping around the fountain. A few ideas come with jewel-toned metal dragonflies on stakes, statues of animals peeping out from behind plants, and glass reflecting balls that will shine with the glint of sunlight off the water in the fountain. 

Plant other heights of foliage and flowering plants round or to the sides of the fountain. Taller plants must be at the rear of the garden or, if the garden can be seen from both front plus back, position tall plants within the center. Landscaping round a fountain ought to be designed to make an oasis of beauty. Unless you choose for an austere marble or cement fountain within the middle of a pristine lawn, adding perennial plus annual plants contributes to the experience.

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