Determining the Cause of Swimming Pool Leak or Water Loss

Finding leaks in your pool can be difficult. Because of that, it is also difficult to do a repair. This article should help you in doing these tasks.

First thing that you need to consider is to determine whether your pool has leak – or simply doesn’t have. In doing that, keep in mind that there are just three main causes of swimming pool water loss. This can be due to plumbing leaks, shell leaks, or simply just because of evaporation or splashing. What appears to be a leak can be attributed to these three things.

The first thing it would be important to rule out would be evaporation or splashing. It is quite common for swimmers to splash a lot while playing in the pool and a hot sun is capable or removing quite a bit of water from the pool on a daily basis.

It would be logical to first determine whether water loss is only caused by evaporation. With this, you need to do a little bit of experiment. What you are going to do is to place a large container filled with water on the first step of your swimming pool. Put enough water so that its water level is the same of the water level of the pool. Over the course of time – and when the weather participates – monitor the water level and determine if there is indeed a significant difference. If there is no significant difference on the level of water between the two over a couple days then, probably, water loss is just caused by evaporation. If the water level of the pool goes down faster than that of the container then there is a big possibility of leaks.

When you suspect that water loss is caused by leaks, the first places you need to examine are the filter and pump. Check if you can see damp areas or water spots and trace back to their origin. Leaks are often caused by flaws in pipe connections. In a number of cases, it is more effective to trace leaks when you keep the pump running. Once you find the leaks you can fix it yourself if you have enough plumbing skills to do the tasks. However, just like what others are doing, it is much better to let a professional plumbing to do it for you – most especially when your pool has a major plumbing flaw.

If you are not able to find leaks in the pipe connections then you should check the in the pool shell. To effectively do this, hire an experienced professional.

When dealing with pool leak problems, the real key is to trim down the list possible causes to be able to determine the real cause. Once you have figure out the reason of water loss, then it is much easier for you do decide whether you are to hire a professional or to do the fixing yourself.

P.S. David Roy is a swimming pool enthusiast who has successfully managed swimming pool in years. He is also running an online resource which is aimed to give important information about pool slides, ladders, and other pool stuff through his websites;;

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