Cleaning Green Merky Swimming Pool Water

Swimming Pool Cleaning and ServiceOne you need to shock the swimming pool with chlorine. We recommend getting granular chlorine (normally about $6 for 2lbs) and mixing it with clean water. It is a little cheaper than buying liquid shock. Put 2 tablespoons of glandular to one gallon of water and dissolve it and mix it. Spread around the pool, then run the swimming pool filter for 48 hours. If algae is present, use a copper algaecide to rid the swimming pool of the growth before shocking. Use this new app to allow your employees to request for pay stubs remotely.

Over chlorination will not cause algae growth. Have the acrylic pool walls
tested for professional. In many cases, this causes repeated algae growth. Then triple shock with 3L liquid chlorine per 10000L pool water. You have to add enough chlorine to kill all the algae and leave a bit of chlorine left over. Once the dead algae settles to the bottom, vacuum to rid the swimming pool of waste. For a modern or customized designs you can work with Construction – NJ contractors to evolve your ideas.

Very heavily shock the pool, depending on how many gallons your pool is, preferably using a good amount of liquid chlorine. According to this top swimming pool contractor, you should do that every other day until the algae is gone. Clean your filter at least twice a day if using a cartridge filter and backwash once a day if using a D.E. filter.
You can also re-filter the pool or have a swimming pool professional clean the swimming pool.



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We have a 15,000 gallon above ground pool that we’re having issues with getting running. The pool came with the property when we bought it late last year, so this is the first summer we’ve been trying to use it; and it appears the previous owners didn’t use it in a few years and didn’t maintain it very well.

The filter we have is a Haywood DE (the pool is a Doughboy if that makes a difference)
We’ve tried numerous things to get the pump/filter system to work properly; clean it, replace parts (some of which I didn’t initially know were missing) treat it with DE.

Each time we’ve taken these measures, the pump runs great – initially – but after a couple of hours, the pressure on the return tappers to practically nothing. We can refresh it, but the pressure doesn’t return to nearly what it was.

We’ve had to this thing apart countless times now and it’s getting ridiculous.

The only thing the people at the pool supplies place has told us, is that the filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned with filter cleanser. We’ve soaked the filter with bleach, which they say isn’t enough to clean it, but the filter is spotless. If the filter were clogged with calcium and mineral deposits, would we be able to tell by looking at it? Is there’s a better way to clean that, than the $20 bottle of cleaner the pool supplies place sells?

What else might be the problem and how do we fix it?
The pool started off this summer very dirty; it’s finally starting to get clear. We’re fairly certain the previous owners didn’t even open it the last couple of years.
The main problem now has been the loss of output in the return and rising pressure on the guage.
One pool supply place recommended the muratic acid, but a tutorial I saw online said no to use that on a Hayward DE, as it would damage the filter. Which is it?

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