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Keeping your above ground pool sparkling clean doesn’t have to be as cumbersome as you might think. All pools are different, and so are their maintenance needs.

However, they all share one commonality: The secret to pristine pool health is regular, routine care. If you choose to handle common problems like murky water or broken pumps on your own, make sure to always consult manufacturers’ manuals before fixing or using equipment. For instance contact swimming pool installers Geelong for extra help.

Call Pool Captain Corp for your swimming pool builder, service, repair and cleaning needs (386) 246-7439.

Even if matter if you rely on a service company like First Defense Insulation: check out our spray foam insulation in Texas to take care of your pool, you still need to do a few things on your own to ensure your pool stays in good condition for years.

On a searing summer day, a swimming pool is a welcome respite from the heat. But before you can dive into its cool blue water, you have to perform all the maintenance drudgery that prolongs its crystal-clear perfection. Contact reliable service like Plumber Manly | Blocked Drains | Hot Water Systems | OT Plumbing to ensure that your pool has proper plumbing. This often makes a backyard pool more of a burden than a blessing. A bright swimming pool on a sunny summer afternoon is always filled with smiles, laughs and all around fun. It is important that it is built well, you can view here and find experts who are better at providing insights about swimming pools. Swimming pools are great for the family and increasing your home’s value similar to a swim spa which a great option for your home as well. although these also come with many maintenance items that will lighten your pockets.

Call Pool Captain Corp for your swimming pool builder, service, repair and cleaning needs (386) 246-7439.

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Today we are discussing the Three most common mistakes made by pool owners and what you can do today to ensure they don’t happen to you. 

They are all water chemistry related.  By being proactive you can avoid these blunders and save a bunch of cash at the same time.

1.  Allowing pH to get above 8.0. At 8.5 chlorine is only 10% active. At 7.0 it is about 73% active. By just maintaining pH around 7.5 the chlorine is 50-60% active. Keeping the pH in check will allow you to use to the full potential the chlorine that is already in the pool.

2.  Not checking your pool chemistry often enough. Test your water once a week during the warmer months.  Although it almost sounds remedial, I see this far too often – a pool can go green or get severely out of “whack” pretty quickly.  Stay on top of this so you can make adjustments sooner.  This will avoid you playing “catch up” when things do get out of their desired ranges.

3.  Not keeping alkalinity between 80-140 PPM. Low or high alkalinity has a direct impact on your water balance – most importantly, it can reduce the effectiveness of your sanitizer.

Swimming Pool Cleaning | Swimming Pool Maintence 


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Swimming Pool Cleaning

Keeping a swimming pool clean require one to spend one or two hours each week. Most find that hiring a person that does swimming pool service and repairs and the best option when owning a swimming pool.

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Pool Cleaners ———- Primarily, if you do not make use of the correct pool cleaners for your pool you may possibly end up wrecking the pool; and the.

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Steps to Cleaning a Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are great additions to homes because they call families outdoors to play, swim, splash, and have lots of fun. Though being an owner of a pool comes with its responsibilities. One of these main responsibilities is cleaning the pool thoroughly and regularly. And, cleaning does not only encompass particle removing; one also must add chemicals to the pool so that it does not only look clean, but is microscopically.

The various steps to cleaning a swimming pool are not that difficult. As long as the owner maintains a schedule of cleaning and maintaining the pool throughout the week, especially during the summer, he/she will not be stuck doing a complete cleaning job. Therefore, maintenance is key; failing to regularly clean the pool will result in a toxic-looking mess that will spend hours to bring back to a normal level of cleanliness. To clean a pool, you will need the following materials:

Leaf Skimmer – This tool has a long handle with a net on the end to skim out particles.

Pool Vacuum – A pool specialized pool vacuum sucks up dirt from the pool floor.

Floor and Wall Brush – This brush is used to bust out caked on dirt on the sides and bottom of the pool.

Tile Brush – This is a smaller, hand-held brush that is used to get into small corners; it’s perfect for tile grout.

Algae Brush – Unlike a standard floor and wall brush, the algae brush is made of stainless steel to knock out algae from the sides of pools with walls made of plaster.

Outside of the aforementioned tools, the pool owner should have a clean filter, efficient pump, and adequate supply of water. Before attempting to clean the swimming pool, it is important to ensure all mechanisms are in place and clear of debris or any other obstructions. Although some, especially those cleaning the pool for the first time in a long time, empty the pool before cleaning it. Though this makes for adequate cleaning, it is not necessary. Emptying the pool makes sense only when it is extremely dirty and has not been cared for in a while. However, if you’re dealing with a particularly dirty pool and need to dispose of debris or waste, you can rent a dumpster from services like Dumposaurus Dumpsters & Rolloff Rental. The simple steps to cleaning a swimming pool when it is full of water are:

1. Skim out all larger debris (or anything else that does not belong) with the Leaf Skimmer. Anything that is still on the surface must be scooped out before moving on to the proceeding steps. If there is any debris, leaves, or other sediments on the bottom, you should try and move them a little bit with the skimmer and see if they float up; if they do, scoop them up and remove them from the pool – it will make the rest of the steps easier.

2. Take whichever brush you choose to use, depending on the spots and type of pool, and scrub the side walls and bottom of the pool. If any debris has floated to the top during this process, scoop it out with the Leaf Skimmer.

3. Turn on and power the pool vacuum; most come with an attachment for the hose faucet. With this type of pool vacuum, simply attach a hose and turn the water on; the force of the water actually powers the vacuum. Before placing the vacuum down into the water and on the pool floor, make sure the net to catch the dirt is on all the way. Simple pass over the floor evenly with the pool vacuum moving slowly as to keep the vacuum head to the floor of the pool.

4. After you have vacuumed, it is time to recheck the filter and make sure there is no new debris that has collected while you were cleaning. If there is, remove it.

5. Now you will need to clean the pool chemically to ensure the proper PH levels are to be present before people swim. This is very important and the owner should make sure the mixture is correct. If the pool has a bad odor, it might be necessary to shock the pool by adding a larger than normal dose of chlorine. Whichever way you slice it, the pool levels must be as follows:

– Free chlorine, ppm = 2.0-4.0

– PH = 7.2-7.8

– Alkalinity, ppm = 80-100 (when using hypo lithium chlorine)
= 100-120 (when using gas, dichlor, trichlor, or bromide types)

– Calcium Hardness = 200-400

– Cyanuric Acid = 30-50

You can take these readers yourself as long as you have the right diagnostic tools. However, there are many stores that carry different chemical compounds to help you achieve the proper levels in a swimming pool; these stores can also test samples of your pool water and advise you on exactly what you need to add. The steps to Swimming Pool Cleaning are not difficult; anyone can do it. The key is always regular maintenance to avoid having to clean for longer periods of time.

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If you expect to dive into crystal clear waters in your home’s backyard swimming pool, then you must put swimming pool cleaning onto your household chore list on a regular basis. It takes a weekly commitment of at least several hours of labor in order to ensure a sparkling clean swimming pool the rest of the week.

There are a number of cleaning tools you should invest in from a pool supply retailer. These include a long-handled netted leaf skimmer which will make removing large pieces of debris much easier; a pool vacuum to remove any dirt or debris that has settled on the bottom of the pool; nylon-bristled floor and wall brushes to clean every vinyl, fiberglass or painted pool surface; a stainless-steel algae brush for removing any build-up on plaster walls; and a hand-held tile brush and pumice stone for removing calcium deposit build-up from any tiled surface.

There are four basic swimming pool cleaning steps that must be taken weekly. First, skim the surface of the water to remove any leaves or other floating debris before they sink to the bottom and reduce the efficiency of the pool’s circulation system.

Next, remove any debris that has accumulated in the pool’s strainer baskets located on the pool deck or attached to the side. Often leaves or other debris get caught here and lessen the pool’s circulation system. So this simple step will increase water circulation which helps keep the pool’s water fresh and sparkling.

Now it’s time for vacuuming the floor of the pool. Take your time in going back and forth over the pool floor, overlapping your strokes slightly each time to make sure your vacuum is picking up any sediment or dirt that has gathered on the bottom. If your vacuum picks up quite a bit of dirt each week, be sure to clean the vacuum filter on a weekly basis so that all your efforts won’t go to waste with a vacuum that has little suctioning power.

Next comes the work of the brush brigade. Brushing the walls of your pool each week helps eliminate algae and calcium build-up as well as other scum that accumulates. Be sure you are using the correct brush for the type of material being cleaned because you don’t want to ruin handsome tiles or the grouting by rubbing them with a scratchy brush surface. Ask your pool cleaning supplier or pool manufacturer exactly which brush is recommended to use on what surface.

All done? Put your swimming pool cleaning supplies away until next week and dive in!

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