Garden arbors can be used for much more than support for your plants. Once the plants starts to grow on the arbor not only will it make a great backdrop it can also provide shade to a garden bench for a little outdoor enjoyment. Lots of different climbing plants can be used as long as the branches are thin and manageable. Jasmine, ivy, and climbing hydrangea are some of the most used plants for arbors. If you would like to add fragrance to your garden consider planting honeysuckle or wisteria. Another plant to consider might be climbing roses, they can look great with proper care and training.

Cedar and redwood can be a good choice to build the arbor, along with a concrete pre mix to set in the post. Galvanized screws, nails, and bolts should be used as they are rust resistant. Some of the tools you will require will be a saw, drill, hammer, tape measure, level, and a ladder. This is a basic tool list. The complexity of your garden arbor might require the use of more tools.

If you are thinking about building the garden arbor from scratch It is advisable to have plans to follow. Blueprints can be found free by searching the net. There are numerous arbor plans available on the Internet and the majority of them can be found for free. Designs can range from a simple trellis designs that many diy builders can build in a weekend to elegant pergola style designs.

If you are building your own arbor, determine if you have all the tools required and what tools you might need to buy. Also think about the time you will need to complete this project. The average arbor will take two days for completion of the project. If you are lacking time or tools an arbor kit can be the perfect option. Based on flooring and what’s bets for it, look into my review here.

Kits can be purchased at many home improvement centers or on line in many different designs. Cedar is a very common choice of lumber used in arbors. If however you prefer metal there are many kits available in aluminum or iron. If iron is the metal of choice look for a hardened powder coat as it will add years to the durability of your arbor.

Lots of blueprints might be able to be obtained free of charge by searching the net, such as garden shed plans, picnic table plans, dog houses, as well as plans for arbors.

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