Hayward NavigatorHayward Navigator

Automated swimming pool cleaners are something that is appreciated by everyone. They not only save your save time and money, but also the hassles associated with pool cleaning. There are a number of in-ground pool cleaners available these days. One of such pool cleaners is Hayward Navigator. They have sleek look and provide high performance. It takes around 2-3 hours only to clean any average-sized pool.

The following are some features of Hayward Navigator:

The steering comes with integrated SmartDrive program and provides fast movement of the cleaner. This technology enables the Navigator to take series of right and left turns with the help of the flow of water. This systematic movement makes the process fast and ensures thorough cleaning from the floor of the pool to its walls.

The cleaning path of Hayward Navigator is quite wide. This ensures that the sand, leaves, pollen, twigs and pebbles are completely removed from the bottom of the pool and filters. This type of filter is very useful for those who live in a place that experiences storms frequently. It also has a n exceptional turbine or gearing system which ensures constant and balanced water flow. It reduces noise and makes a gentle movement across the pool bottom.

The Hayward Navigator injection-molded plastic components of these filters are very durable and. Also, the flaps, wings, and shoes ensure less maintenance costs. These parts are easy to install and can be assembled within 15 minutes even without the help of any tools. The Hayward Navigator comes with a warranty period of 2 years on all its components. However, only exceptions are the wearable parts like shoes, wings and flaps. You can use this pool cleaner in any pools made from fiberglass, gunite/ tile, or vinyl. You can also have separate models that are specially designed to suit the requirements of each kind of swimming pool.

Though it is very rare, these cleaners can get stuck while cleaning. This usually happens when some twigs or large pebbles get stuck within the wings. In such cases, you will need to unclog it by taking off the bottom lid and shake the filter gently so that the stone can fall off.

If the hose of the Hayward Navigator is too short, you may face certain problem with the cleaner. At times, it may run in only one place for a longer period of time. Thereby, make sure that the hose of your cleaner is long enough to reach the furthest point of the pool.

Hayward Navigator Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

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