“The notion that grass is just grass should be removed from our minds. There are a lot of ways that grass has helped us. It is used as food for livestock and, for some, as part of their landscaping project. Working with this plant is easy to do. All you need to have are the ideas on how grass should be taken care of. Since there are a lot of grass species, there are also different ways to plant and maintain them. However, the general techniques and ways that the plant is grown should be carefully understood.

Growing grass is a complex process since it depends on the type involved. Choosing the right kind is the correct thing to do. Why is it important to choose the right grass? What is the reason behind having to choose the right grass specie? Basically, there are factors that need consideration in this process. You just need to have the exact seeds and materials to grow them. You also need the right place where you will grow the grass so you can decide how to maintain and develop the area where it grows.

The first consideration is your climate and the zone where you are located. Depending on the specie, grass grows in two types of humidity. There are types we call the warm season variety. This group includes Bermuda, buffalo, zoysia, centipede, and Bahia. And then there are bent, blue and rye grass and fecues. This variety is called cold season grass. Choosing the right specie depending on your zone’s humidity is an important factor to consider when growing the plant. Consider also the elevation of your area and how it is accessible to water and sunlight. You need all these factors to be right for the growth to be healthy.

The different species require high-maintenance. There is the ordinary type that simply grows once planted but there is also another types that requires a lot of water, fertilizers and other chemicals that help improve your grass. Once you grow the plant correctly, all you need to do is follow the maintenance procedure. At this point, you can do your landscaping project. During some form of weather phenomenon like the El niño, you need to plant the drought-resistant variety. It does not require a lot of care since grass grows fast and will survive a long time as long as the soil is in the right condition.”
If you plan to grow grass will take more than just your time and effort but knowledge as well. There are different lawn fertilizers available in the market but remember, not all of them are easy to use and suitable for all types of this plant. It does pay to do your research.

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in groung pool
mrmarmot asked:

I have a 22,000 gallon in ground fiberglass pool. I havent had this problem in prior years. The latest readings (after several rounds of shock including 10 bags 4 days ago) are as follows:

CYA – 150
Total Chlorine .6
Free Chlorine 0
Ph – 7.2
Adj Total Alkalinity 179
Total hardness – 278
No algae

Even after adding 10 bags of high chlorine (over 60%) shock the reading was only 6 for chlorine and it dropped to 1.0 the next day. Usually it would remain high for days in years past.

I dont have chlorine lock and I’ve done the OTO test so its not a reagent bonding issue. I also took a cup of the water and added some chlorine to it and then it does test high so not being blocked. I did the dilution test and know that its not an issue of over chlorination.

The only new thing this year is xialite replacing the sand in the filter.Any suggestions before we try draining the pool? We’ve gone through more chlorine and shock in one month than we even come close to in a seaso

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