I recently hired a leak detection service to locate the source of my water leak. I used a concrete saw and cut out a section of the pool deck at the place where the leak detector said the return line was leaking. I have dug out the dirt in that area at least two feet deep which is enough to get me down to the level of the nearby return lines. All I’ve seen so far is a conduit line and a 3/4 inch PVC line about 3″ below the deck that I don’t think have anything to do with the leak. The top of the pool wall is 12″ wide. I thought the line might be located under a ledge on the top of the pool wall but have encountered plaster as far down as I have dug. Is the return line embedded in the plaster? I’m hesitant to start pounding away at the back side of the pool wall. Can someone out there give me some basics on swimming pool plumbing? Where can I find the return line and how do I access it?

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