Swimming Pool Care starts with the Pool Paint Coating that will keep the pool surface intact. There are several steps in determining when you need to resurface your pool as well as what pool paint to use.

The timely way to begin a pool maintenance project is to determine what kind of non-chlorinated rubber you are currently using in your pool. Typically, there are 2 types of coating used for pools: Chlorinated Rubber Paint or Epoxy Paint. Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint has a life span of two to three years while Epoxy Pool Paint has a life span of five to seven years. If you can’t determine which type of sealant your pool currently has on it, take a chip of the paint to a pool paint dealer to be tested. A good rule of thumb when resurfacing/repainting your swimming pool is to continue to use the same type of sealant . If you have always used Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint, it is best to stick with it.

The next process would be to determine how many coats of paint that are ALREADY on your pool walls. You don’t want to seal over too many coats of paint. One or two coats are fine, but if you are over that amount, you’ll need to have the surface sanded . If you are to remove extra layers of pool coating before to re-applying new either Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint or Epoxy Pool Paint , be sure to wash the entire area before sealing .

The final step before you apply clean swimming pool epoxy when recoating your swimming pool is to plug any cracks within the pool . You’ll need to repair cracks and patch holes to ensure a longer lasting pool paint life.

Once you’ve prepared your pool to be repainted and repainted, you can apply your pool paint. Chlorinated Rubber paints can be painted directly to the surface of your pool. All Chlorinated Rubber pool paints are self-priming. Epoxy based pool paints usually need a coat of primer first, most often on bare concrete.

When applying the pool paint to the surface of your swimming pool, you’ll want to roll the chlorinated rubber pool paint or epoxy based pool paint on evenly and at a good pace. Whichever type of pool paint you use, be sure to following the pool paint manufacturer’s directions for proper curing and coating time. For information on this and other pool needs, visit www.poolpaintstore.com

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