Incorporating a waterfall into your outdoor pool or pond can be simple and inexpensive. Waterfalls can bring the soothing sound of moving water into your yard, making your home a haven for relaxation.

The size and shape of your pond may determine the size and shape of your waterfall. If you have a natural slope or hill on one side of your pond, you can use that to build your waterfall. If not, you’ll need to create an artificial height for your waterfall. The height of your waterfall is totally up to you; just keep in mind that higher heights are harder to build. Decide where you want your waterfall and then build up a sloping dirt pile to the height you’ve chosen.

Once you have decided where to place your waterfall, lay down a water-proof liner to cover the length and height of your waterfall. This liner will help channel the water. After you’ve placed your liner, use boulders or large stones to hold down and hide the liner. Then place the tubing of your water pump up the length and height of your waterfall. Build up your waterfall around and above the tubing, using large, flat rocks in a cascading formation with a shelf or spillway rock at the top to allow the water to fall into your pond. At the height of your waterfall, bend your tubing back toward the pond and secure it with one or multiple capstones. Once your tubing and rock formation are secure, connect the tubing to the pump and test the flow of your waterfall. You will likely need some minor adjustments to get the exact flow you want for your waterfall. Now that you’ve completed your waterfall, take a break and enjoy!

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The decision to purchase a swimming pool is merely the first step to a major undertaking for any homeowner. There are many choices available and equally many things to consider when contemplating what style pool should be installed. As with any other home addition, great thought should be given and it should reflect the unique personality and characteristics of the property. There are several things to include in the thought processes that will ultimately end up in an amazing swimming pool design.

In designing a swimming pool, special attention should be paid to the estimated cost. The budget for the project must take things into account such as the quality of materials. There are many different components that a pool requires, and the prices vary widely. An prospective pool owner should also inquire about warranties, particularly ones covering materials and craftsmanship. Before beginning the project, a homeowner must decide what an appropriate budget will be, and then strive to design accordingly.

Location and landscaping should play a major role in the decisions regarding swimming pool design. Some backyards will require extensive preparation work, such as those with sloping hills or massive trees with deep root systems. If there are any difficult tasks required to make the area ready, the cost could be significantly higher. The swimming pool design itself may also need to be altered. For example, some homeowners take advantage of a sloping backyard and create a multi-level pool with its own tier system. Landscaping that is already in place can sometimes be utilized for privacy and style, and this can greatly decrease the overall cost. If there is no landscaping in place, keep in mind that the budget will have to allow for these expenses.

Swimming pool designs can include many different types of features, and these can completely alter the overall surrounding environment. For example, one popular addition is a waterfall accompanied by a large rock structure. Lighting also comes in many different styles, and some swimming pool designs even incorporate the use of fiber optics for even more appeal.

The purpose of the pool also weighs heavily on the swimming pool design. For example, some are created for exercise and have features such as resistance jets. Others are meant for relaxation and have tranquil lighting and a relaxing atmosphere. Then there is the most popular purpose, which is usually for family use. A family pool may have other features such as a basketball goal, volleyball net, or even an increased shallow end with lower water levels for young children.

The many options swimming pool designs can feature is virtually unlimited, and if you can think of it they can build it. After much time is spent making sure that the new addition is truly perfect, you’ll need a great place to relax. What better place than next to your brand new pool?