Fun Swimming Pool Games

Few things are as relaxing for adults as lounging in a swimming pool on a hot summer day, but children may not have such a long attention span and often would like to be entertained to avoid becoming bored. There are a wide variety of swimming pool games that can be played with large groups or small groups. Some of the activities require items that can be easily located around the house, and the rest simply need willing participants.

Rapid Whirlpool is an exciting game that must be played in a relatively shallow pool in which all of the swimmers can touch the bottom. Every individual should line up along the wall of the pool and slowly start to walk in a circle. The participants will then begin to jog around the pool and then finally run, making the water flow rapidly. The swimmers will realize that the current is carrying them and should be challenged to turn around and attempt to go the other way, which is virtually impossible.

Belly Flop Contests provide an incredible amount of fun to spectators and are very popular among youth. Each flop into the water should be judged based on the height of the jump, the splash, and of course the pain factor.

Inflatable Alligator Wrestling may not seem interesting, but can indeed be hilarious to watch. Children take turns attacking a blow up alligator and get points for creative moves. Onlookers will enjoy judging the contest.

Duck Race is a fun and challenging game that involves rubber ducks or any other floating item. Participants must move their duck without using their hands, but are allowed to blow on it or create waves. Other contestants may not touch competitor’s ducks and can only prevent their success by splashing.

King of the Tube can prove to be very fun for the participants and even more exciting for onlookers. Similar to the game King of the Hill, one individual remains the King until another can knock him off his perch. In this case, the perch happens to be an inflatable tube. Participants are only allowed to touch the tube and not any part of the person.

Many other options exist for swimmers looking for something a little more exciting than lounging around in the pool, but these swimming pool games that have been created over the years are a few of the lesser known activities that can help keep anyone’s attention.

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