If you are fond of inviting your relatives and friends over dinner, you might want to consider holding your party outside your home for a different feel and experience. However, be sure to have low voltage outdoor lighting installed in your surroundings. These would accentuate more your landscape but also provide an element of safety to you and your visitors.

Uses and installation

Low voltage outdoor lighting is used to illuminate pathways, walkways, driveways, steps, walls, fences and even trees. his is safe because it runs in very low power of only 12-volts. The chance of electrocution is remote unlike lights that run in 120 volts.

This type of lighting is very easy to install. Not much effort is needed but it could give your landscape a very dramatic look once installed. The kit comes with installation instructions that would enable you to install the fixtures without the need to call professional help.


Depending on your style and individuality, you can select the kind of low voltage outdoor lighting that you would want. There are various kinds available to suit your need. There are pathway lights, flood lights, deck lights, sport lights and well lights. These come in different designs, shapes, colors and sizes.

These lights are used to illuminate pathways, driveways and stairsteps. These could also accent trees, signage and other objects like statues and fountains inside your lawn. These give drama to your surroundings that will surely make a great impression to your guests.

Low Maintenance Cost

Installing this kind of lights will not break your budget since it does not cost must, and its pretty easy to maintain. The lights are powered by automatic time clocks or photo cells that turn the lights on and off at designated time. This lights have the feature of turning on when it is dark and turning off in the morning. In this case, there is no need to purchase and connect another switch just to turn it on and off.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about rising electricity bills because power consumption would only be minimal with 12-volt consumption.

In your next garden party, captivate your guests with the beauty of your garden and give a great impression to you guests. With your newly installed low voltage outdoor lighting, it will surely make your guests to persuade you to hold another party again. Or, they might ask you to install for them their own so you could hold the next party to one of them.


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