Using a fire pot in your backyard can provide just the right landscape accent. The ambiance and warm look of the crackling fire of a fire pit,  could be just the special addition you may want to add to a new gazebo. It would easily add some character to your back yard and give you a nice getaway from the house. And, as an added plus, adding some unique landscaping to your property is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.

The outdoor firepit can be designed as the focal point at the center of the back garden if you are looking for a project to start in that space. You can design a walkway of stone leading to the patio, or even utilize colorful bricks for the fire pit area in the back yard You can use your imagination and go beyond just creating an area for seating. You might want to put in a pond or fountain near where you place the chairs if you find running water to be a relaxing sound. In the seclusion of the back yard, it is possible to create a restful, stress reducing hangout because of the use of both a warm fire and the running water. It would be possible to spend relaxing evenings sipping some tea, and staying warm as you enjoy the antics of you fish swimming in the pond.

You can make the surrounding fire pit landscape as simple or as intricate as you choose to. If you decided on a fancier pit, make sure that your walkways and patio furniture reflect that. Be careful if you want to keep it simple by making sure everything reflects the simplicity and doesn’t take the focus off your fire. The nice thing about creating a simple retreat with a fire pit is that you can do all the work yourself, as opposed to hiring a landscaping company to do it for you. This will significantly lower your costs. Although, there is nothing wrong with hiring someone to help you realize your design either- sometimes it’s worth paying the extra money so that you know it will come out exactly how you imagined it.

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You can have virtually unlimited fun with your friends and family in your well-designed patio but you need to make the right choices in order to optimize your experience. To make your patio come alive with a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere, you can work out a well-defined theme and find innovative ways of accommodating it in your outdoor living space. The choice of patio furniture, umbrellas, outdoor heater and a number of other accessories should be made in accordance with the same. This can help immensely by contributing to the artistic value of your outdoor lifestyle. The patio setting should carry the theme in as subtle a manner as possible.

In order to create a harmony of color, form and pattern in your patio, you need to choose your patio furniture with extreme care. The first and foremost consideration would be of the space available. Choose your outdoor furniture in such a way that it fits in with the desired functionality and offers enough in terms of style as well. Budget is another factor which is bound to influence your choices one way or the other. You can compare various options available in the market and then come up with the best choice possible.

Irrespective of the criteria you adopt for choosing patio furniture, budget constraints will automatically figure in and it is always wise to balance your choices in keeping with the budget available. You can explore a variety of furniture options in terms of material used to make them and accommodate budget needs and other preferences accordingly. Apart from usual, wooden furniture sets, one can also opt for plastic furniture or iron wrought outdoor furniture which is far more cost-effective. Contrary to what one might expect, one can find quite a few options of beautifully crafted iron furniture options and make an artistic choice of seating for their patio.

The trend of peculiarly designed market umbrellas is growing over the period. Much exploration has been done in designing these umbrellas. The types of such umbrellas are many. You can buy People 5′ Square Wood Market Umbrella in which Sunbrella fabric is used for longer durability. This specially designed umbrella is not only durable but also fashionable. You enjoy getting best shade for several years provided you have kept them well maintained during their use and thereafter. Usually these market umbrellas come with simple push up systems. Their pole diameters are 1-1/2″. This umbrella looks unique with its brass color pins and perfect fitting.

Aluminum frame umbrellas are known for their durability and affordability apart from other advantages. Fiberglass frame umbrellas are usually even more durable and afford a great deal of flexibility which is suitable for an outdoor place exposed to more of windy conditions. However, it is not very high on affordability which takes away some of its popularity. Depending on whether you are looking for market umbrellas or average-sized, you also need top look for the right choice of canopy. If the material of which canopy is made offers a good level of weather resistance and is durable enough, it can be a good choice for outdoor use.

Average-sized umbrellas can also be bought in a variety of design and forms to meet your artistic preferences well enough. However, you need to complement the patio setting with artistic accessories to create an aesthetic harmony of its own kind. To enhance the comfort level of your patio, you must choose the most stylish of outdoor patio cushions which can add to it both in terms of artistic appeal and better functionality. There are a number of factors which should guide you in choosing the perfect pair of outdoor cushions in your patio.

Overall your focus remains on enjoying relaxing moments with family and friends in patio which brings you close to nature. Outdoor patio cushions always remain in the limelight. Their role in securing patio furniture sets is great. Seeing cutthroat competition cushion manufacturers design high-quality outdoor patio cushions which easily fits in patio furniture sets. Best quality fabric is used in their making. There is endless category of outdoor patio cushions.

The quality of fabric should be carefully considered when buying patio cushions and furniture covers. It can carry the right kind of color and pattern to complement the patio theme in a subtle manner. For furniture covers, it becomes doubly important for the fabric to be of good quality and durable enough to withstand the exposure to weather. It helps protect the furniture well enough and adds to the style quotient of your patio.

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Your patio should not be considered an isolated piece of your home. Regardless of whether you choose to remake your current patio or decorate it from scratch, furniture is very important and must preferably form a unit with the rest of the decor of your home and outdoor. In order to create a fabulous living space in your home, you would want to take time to carefully select your outdoor patio furniture.

When you are looking for your outdoor furniture, you should to be realistic. Choose the furniture that is a good match with its background. If space is a problem, then iron wrought works good because it is slim and will fit any area well. Big wooden furniture is good for outdoor areas that are somewhat larger and you can add a lounger chair for tanning to enjoy the space. Make sure however that there is plenty of space left to be comfortable after the patio furniture has been placed. An extra layer of sealant or varnish will ensure that the wooden pieces are protected.

Pick colors and styles for your outdoor patio furniture that are similar to the furniture inside your house. The theme should be the same or similar with your other decor. That is, vintage outside, vintage inside and contemporary outside, contemporary inside. A patio that has too much clutter with too many pieces of furniture that are not functional can look terrible. How you arrange the furniture is also something to consider.

If you cannot buy expensive items and don’t care too much about detail, then plastic patio furniture could also work on your patio. Even though it’s not as strong as wood or wrought iron and may even become faded over time, it can look great if you add nice looking cushions to the piece.

If you buy an outdoor patio set, make sure it is of acceptable quality. It is therefore useful to buy them at stores that supply strong and durable outdoor furniture sets but at a reduced price. Outdoor patio sets must be durable enough to be able to be placed outside without becoming damaged. If you do end up spending a bit more, patio furniture is an investment which makes it fine to exceed your budget.

Not being able to buy expensive outdoor furniture is also not an impossible situation and can be overcome by making use of second hand pieces of furniture that works just as well. The quality may not be compromised, even though it is cheaper. You could buy great second hand pieces on the internet or at a local second hand shop. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are searching for brand new or used outdoor patio furniture or cheap home furniture, you can easily find great deals on the numerous online bargain shopping websites on the internet.

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If you plan to leave your patio or garden furniture outside throughout the year will need to be sure that it can stand extreme weather conditions.You would expect that all garden furniture is made to withstand such conditions but actually this is not always the case.Buying cheap Garden Furniture is very often the most expensive choice! It will need to be replaced often! The old adage is also true, “you only get what you pay for”. 

What are the next steps then, since we have established you aren’t just going to buy the cheapest set that you can get your hands on.First you will need to work out what material you would prefer, the two most common materials are as follows:

Metal Garden Furniture & Hardwood Garden Furniture

Metal Garden Furniture

Having decided that you would like metal furniture, your safest bet is Aluminium which is sure to stand the test of time.The reason for this is that Aluminium does not rust, so will last in all weather conditions.Having decided on Aluminium, you then must look at whether to go for “Cast Aluminium”, which is often solid and is made from Aluminium that has been Cast into a mould, or “Framed Aluminium”, which although lighter, is normally equally as durable.  

Aluminium is definitely the best material for garden furniture, it will last for ages so has to be worth taking the plunge.

Hardwood Garden Furniture

Wood is always unique because no piece will be the same as the last, that is why it’s my favourite.This difference arises from the fact that the grain is unique to each tree.There are many different options when it comes to wooden garden furniture so I will not attempt to mention every one.

When it comes to wooden garden furniture, I know a thing or two and I feel confident in declaring teak the best wood for the job.Teak is the best material for the job because it can withstand exposure to the high moisture content that is often present in the air, not to mention the rain.

This is reflected in the price, teak is at the high end of the price range but then you won’t have to maintain it and it will last a life time.  

The reason hard woods are so hard is because they grow slowly.Look out for the Forest Stewardship Councils (FSC) seal of approval on your teak furniture, to be sure that it has been produced in a responsible forest management system.

Teak is worth the initial investment when you consider that it will last up to 25 years.

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When it comes to garden furniture there is a lot to choose from, here are some of the main items that you might like to consider:

Arbors, Pillars, and Gazebos
Large structures like these will draw the eye immediately when someone enters your garden.Having large structures can create an illusion of having a large space.You may want to consider using the roof area grown aerial plants.Overtime, you can grow climbing plants over the structures to really harmonise it with it’s environment.

Statuaries and Wind Sculptures
Adding one of these will also draw the eye of the onlooker.Such structures add a sense of prominence, strength, and sturdiness.

Bird Feeders and Bird Baths
These simple additions to a garden attract beautiful creatures the landscape.What a great way to breathe some life into the garden, the sounds of the birds chirping can’t help but fill you with joy.

Other Architectural Ornamentation
By including an architectural structure in your garden you will widen the contrast between the structure and the organic garden.If the structure is unequivocally man-made, it will amplify the natural beauty of the nature around and encourage people to interact with it.

Trellises and Obelisks
These are good in blocking obtrusive structure and other unwanted views.It is impossible to have a perfect view all the time as obstructions cannot be completely eliminated.By placing a structure in front of the eyesore you will block it from your view altogether.Trellises are good for this purpose because they can act as support for clinging vines.

Fountains and Ponds
There is something hypnotic about the sounds of water trickling away.Fountains are usually installed to add a natural ambience that can draw positive energy to your garden.Having a fountain in your garden can also make it a suitable place for meditation exercises like yoga and tai chi.There are fountains to suit all tastes and budgets, from the very expensive, grand installations that you might expect to see in a 5 star hotel to simple tiered rock structures.

Landscape Lighting
You don’t always need daylight to enjoy your garden.By installing simple lights on trees and other plants, you can create a beautiful setting which can even be romantic and enticing.You can use all sorts of lights, not just permanent ones.Consider using Christmas lights, lanterns or candles to get all the effect without the hassle of installation.It is also worthwhile having lights in the garden to deter burglars.

Garden furniture
You are likely to need some tables and chairs to complete your garden.These could also serve as picnic furniture for those times you would want to have barbecue outdoor dinners.

The garden experience can greatly be enhanced by garden décor. If you would like to purchase garden bespoke furniture Perth or decorations, a great place to start would be online or you could pay a visit to a local garden centre.

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