You can obliterate the look of your landscape by choosing the incorrect landscape lighting, but on the other hand if you decide on the right lighting, you can extraordinarily increase the attractiveness of your home. It is important that you know which type of Lighting is going to fit in with your home and garden.Your daydream to stroll down the garden in the nightfall with the lights creating the flawless ambience and the wind slowly blowing on your face can come true; you just have to know what, and how, to get the right exterior Lights for your place.

As well as beauty, outdoor Lighting can help to enhance the security of your property. When the days get shorter, especially in winter,exterior Lighting can lengthen the day and dramatically change the environment of your outdoor living spaces. With proper planning you can also create your outside space for entertaining your guests.

Kinds of Outdoor Lighting

outside Lighting can be divided into four categories:

Lighting for security: The purpose of this type of Lighting is to light a areas of your property that may be vulnerable to trespass. It is advisable though to keep it away from the living areas so it’s not distracting, as the lights used are bright, and often motion activated. You can also have a manual on/off switch for your Lighting so that you can override automatic illumination.

Lighting for Tasks: Task Lighting is designed for a specific purpose in mind, such as providing it for stairways and paths, or giving you just the right amount it for your outside grilling activities at night. When you’re policing task Lighting, you should always make sure that the light is between your vision and the object that you want to illuminate. Try to make sure that there isn’t any glare, as this can blind you rather than give you the guidance that you want.

Lighting for Accent:Accent Lighting is often used to create nice effects, or highlight some of the features of the landscape.For example, uplighting can illuminate an interesting piece of statuary. If you want to create a silhouette effect, you can do this by placing the light between the object and a wall or a fence. You can also provide ambient Lighting which helps people to feel comfortable in the environment.

Moonlighting or Starlight – If you want to create kind of a magical effect, you can imitate Moonlight or starlight. You can mimic moonlight by placing some lights up in your trees. Make sure that you point the lights downwards, which will create kind of a dappled effect, which is in effect like what the moon does. You can produce a somewhat starlight effect as well, which is incredibly nice. This can be imitated by suspending tiny lights in the branches of a tree to create a sparkling night time canopy, or by using flickering candles, sprinkled here and there throughout the space.

Things you need to remember:

No matter what type of Lighting you want, remember not to over-do it, as less is more when it comes to Lighting. Do not use lights where they’re not necessary, and you can also be subtle by using a low watt bulb. Be careful not to ever send your light upwards. Try not to ever run you lights in straight lines like runways in an airport which many people mistakenly do.

Shun using yellow lights as they are unbecoming to both people and vegetation. Instead of those, you want to use blue white bulbs or spend a little money and get yourself some daylight blue filters for your fixture settings. Try not to ever place your light settings where it is difficult to get to as this can make changing the bulbs frustrating. After spending the time and the money to set up your outdoor Lighting, make sure that you get outside and take advantage of it.


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