A garden gazebo will add a new dimension to your garden.Imagine being able to walk along the path between the koi pond and the flowers, the hedges and the willow tree, pausing to rest on a bench inside a gazebo.The benefits of a gazebo include its architectural beauty in natural surroundings not to mention the shade from the sun that it will provide.No matter what the environment of your garden, there is a garden gazebo out there just waiting to be bought.
In creating a garden gazebo, first choose your material from wood, metal, or vinyl options.Wood, be it pine, redwood or cedar wood are all popular in the world of garden gazebos, any of these woods will look beautiful alongside natural plants.If you are looking for a soft wood that will turn a rich yellow over time, then consider pine, it will complement evergreen trees perfectly.Cedar is higher in overall sturdiness, is less prone to rot, and ages to a gray-brown.If you want a really hardwearing wood that will retain it’s dark colour then redwood is the one for you.There are other alternative types of wood but these are generally the most common.

Metal gazebos come in cast aluminum or steel and wrought iron.Wrought iron and steel are the most hard wearing metals, they will stay a dark metallic colour.Many metal gazebos have open roofs so you will need to add in plants to provide shade, this is great for keen gardeners as you can manufacture the shade to change with the seasons.Gazebos made from vinyl are usually available in black or white.There is a number of different shapes and sizes to choose from for vinyl gazebos, as for wood and metal.Trellis walls will make the gazebo feel more cottage like.
You can always choose a gazebo that has enclosed walls if the climate warrants it.Depending on your environment, there are several different options for walls, you could have screens on selected sides, or walls on all four sides.
Whether looking to expand a large corporate garden or just to complement a small neighborhood plot, a garden gazebo is an inviting structure for rest, meditation, or meeting up with other people to enjoy the weather.

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