Knowing a little about swimming pool repair can save the pool owner some cash. Common causes of water leaks from the pool include shell leaks, plumbing leaks, and excessive water splash or evaporation.

Because water evaporation can occur, the best way to rule this out is to take a large pitcher filled with water and sit it on the top step of the pool. Once the water has calmed, remove water from the pitcher until the water levels in the pool and in the pitcher are even. Let the container remain for about two days and then check and see how much water has evaporated from the pitcher. If the amount of water evaporated from the container still matches or almost matches the water level in the pool, then the water loss from the pool is most likely due to evaporation. If this is the case, no swimming pool repair is needed.

If the water level in the swimming pool is significantly lower than the water level in the pitcher, then the pool most likely has a water leak. When a leak is suspected the first place to check is around the filter and pump system of the pool. This is the most common type of swimming pool repair. Look for damp spots around this area and trace them back to the water source. More often than not, leaks around the pump and filter will be at a connection point on the pipes. In order to know which part of the plumbing must be replaced, the pool owner should make note of whether the water loss occurs greatest when the pump is running or when the pump is turned off. If the greatest loss occurs when the pump is running, the leak is on the pressure side past the impeller. If the greatest water loss occurs when the filter is not running, the leak is on the vacuum side before the impeller. To fix this leak, the swimming pool plumbing must be replaced. If the pool owner is not comfortable with doing this, a professional should be contacted. In most cases, it is advisable to contact a professional, especially for leaks on the backwash line which require extensive digging.

The next area to examine if no leak is found in the pool plumbing would is the shell. The best way to find these types of leaks is by placing a small amount of food coloring around any area that looks suspicious or pierces the pool shell. Almost always it is advisable to leave these repairs to professionals, but for the do-it-yourself type, pool shell repair supplies are sold at most local hardware stores. The most common is a simple shell repair patch kit.

Swimming pool repair can seem a daunting task but knowing the causes of common leaks and how to find them can help pool owners save some money and time. Pool owners should check pools any time water loss is noticed, and especially when getting the pool ready for summer swimming. Effective swimming pool repair will ensure the lifespan of the swimming pool and cool, refreshing entertainment for the family.

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Swimming Pool maintenance is key in saving money and getting the most out of your swimming pool. Not maintaining your swimming pool maintenance and pool cleaning can result in requiring expensive pool service help.

Not checking your pool’s chemistry often enough is a mistake often made by pool owners. By checking the pool’s chemical levels twice a week in the summer/spring/fall and once a week in the winter you can properly maintain the pool’s chemical levels.

Avoid the pH to go above 8.0, this lowers the effectiveness of your chlorine to 10% active. At 7.0 it is about 73% active; allowing you to use more potential of the chlorine that is already in the pool, thus cutting your chlorine costs.

Keep alkalinity between 80-140 PPM; alkalinity affects water balance and your pools sanitizer’s ability to perform.

Checking calcium hardness every month and the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) every 6 months helps to maintain water balance too; although not sanitation.

Routinely cleaning the cells in your chlorine generators is important because if they become calcified or corroded the production of chlorine in your pool is lowered.

If you backwash your filters too often the filter won’t clean as much as it can. You should only need to backwashing most filters if the pressure gauge goes 8-10 PSI above clean.

Not cleaning your pools pumps regularly will result in poor water flow, causing problems in your pool.

When adding chemicals be sure to add them in the evening after the sun has set. Adding them during the day lowers their effectiveness.

Be sure to brush your tile regularly, neglecting to do this can cost a lot of money. Brushing down the walls will help any problems with algae your circulation system may have. If you don’t brush enough your tile will become calcified and require a specialist to clean it, costing you more money.

If the space between the bottom of the cantilever and the top of the tile on the deck cracks put in some silicon to keep water from leaking out of the pool under the decking.

As long as you have a good circulation system you should run your pump roughly 1 hour for every 10 degrees of temperature. Your pools circulation is the main determining factor in having a low maintenance pool; the better your pools circulation the lower maintenance it will be.

Make sure to replace any drains that become damaged or lost. Not doing this is a real hazard.

Keeping swimming pool maintenance and pool cleaning regular helps reduce the need to hire pool service.

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swimming pool maintenance
Reefer_Madness asked:

water is being ****** out of pool into pump and filtered water ack into pool. But when I stick a vacuum hose in to vacuum the pool, it seems to stop ******* water to pump and water jets back to pool also stop. This doesmn’t make sense to me!!! Hellp PLEASE!!

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swimming pool maintenance
indiana_girl76 asked:

I’ve never owned a pool before, but just bought a house that has one. Recently, the filter doesn’t seem to be working, the pump spits dirty water back into the swimming pool. Anything I should check?

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