Having an in-ground pool can provide many hours of enjoyment for your friends and family, and it can add to the beauty of your home as well. Buying one is also a major investment, and before you go ahead with the construction, you will want to determine which type fits your budget, your locale, and your landscape. Here are your three main choices:

? Fiberglass in-ground pools are constructed from fiberglass-reinforced plastic that is molded into the shape of a basin, and since they are pre-finished and pre-formed, they also come ready to install. Their smooth surface prevents algae from clinging to them, decreases the need for chemicals to keep the pool clean, and simplifies its maintenance. The builder you consult can provide various options that will fit both your taste and your back yard.

? Vinyl-lined in-ground pools are less labor intensive than concrete pools, and in certain parts of the country, they are less expensive as well. They are available in a wide range of colors and linear patterns, including tile motifs, and they can definitely enhance your surroundings. To install the pool, the builder will dig a hole and assemble a plastic, wood, or metal frame around the perimeter, lay sand along the bottom, and secure the vinyl lining to the wall of the structure. Because they are much less expensive than other in-ground types, these pools are also not as durable, and the liner generally needs to be replaced in 10 years.

? Concrete in-ground pools usually cost less than the fiberglass type, but they are also more expensive than the vinyl variety, and the installation can be a 12-week procedure. Once the hole is made and plumbing is installed, the framework is added, and the concrete is poured and smoothed. It may take a week or longer to settle, and plaster, paint, or pebbles can be added as a final touch.

If you choose this type, you can be very flexible with the design of your pool because customizing the fiberglass and vinyl types is expensive, and this can be done easily. A concrete pool will probably not require as much maintenance as a vinyl one would, and it is also more durable and can withstand various climate changes and “small ground movements.” It will also enable you to complement the surrounding landscape, and add to its aesthetic value and the beauty of your home.

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There are many different types of in-ground swimming pools. As far as construction materials are concerned, Pool Captain installs both gunite (concrete) and fiberglass pools and spas.

Fiberglass Gunite
Warranty 25 year manufacturer 1 year builder warranty
Installation 3-4 weeks total 6-8 weeks
Crackage flexibility against cracks gunite is very strong and durable
Shape choice of manufacturers shapes- depth and shape limitations completely customizeable
Cost 10-15% more expensive initially less expensive
Chemical Useage Few chemicals needed Plaster and water react altering pH levels-more acid and chlorine are needed
Surface Texture smooth textured
Est. Electricity 4-6 hours of circulation daily 6-8 hours of circulation daily
Algae Does not attach-sweeps off with brush Algae is harbored in tiny pores of concrete-scrubbing required
Weekly Maint. 15-30 minutes per week 3-5 hours per week
Repair None 10-12 years needs interior refinished
Quality Control manufactured in an environmentally controlled factory On site construction-no environmental control

You may want a design more conducive to game playing, so you may choose to have the middle of your pool be deep and the two ends shallow. This is great for games like volleyball–no one has an unfair advantage when everyone can touch!

Or, you may prefer an eye-catching free-form shape. These can be beautifully enhanced by fiber-optic or LED lighting features or rock-like waterfall features.

Pool Captain will work with you and your family to design the best pool for you and your budget.

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