Concrete Swimming Pool Leaking

Nothing can ruin summer fun faster than a leaky swimming pool. However, wear and tear on pools, even very well-made concrete pools, is a part of life. If you’re pool has a leak, proper diagnosing and fixing of the problem will have you swimming again in no time.

Diagnose the Leak

The first step to fixing a pool is to make sure that it’s actually leaking. If you’ve had your pool for many years, you’ll probably realize quickly that you pool is losing water faster than it should be. If you are a new pool owner, it’s important to understand that all pools lose water due to evaporation. If you live in a very windy and/or hot area, you may lose water even faster than what’s considered normal.

The easiest way to check for a pool leak is to use a bucket of water. Simply fill a bucket with water and set it by the pool. Over the course of a few days, check the water level in your bucket and compare it to the water levels in the pool. If the pool is losing water at a faster rate than the bucket, chances are that the pool is leaking.

Once you’re reasonably sure that your pool is leaking, you’ll want to attempt to figure out what’s causing the leaking. Not all leaks in concrete pools come as a result of a crack in the pool. In fact, plumbing systems are often responsible for swimming pool leaking. Once you’ve confirmed that the pool is leaking, you can perform further tests by running the pools pumping system.

Run the pool pump for a period of time, measuring the water level both before and after you turn the pump on. Next, monitor your water level when the pump is left off for a period of time. If you notice leaking when the pool pump is turned on, the leak is most likely occurring after the impeller of the pump. If the majority of water loss takes place when the pump is turned off, the leak is probably occurring before the impeller of the pump. If you’re losing water at a constant rate, whether the pump is turned on or off, it’s very likely that you have a crack in the concrete.

Fixing the Leak

Establishing that you have a leak is half the battle. Once you are sure you have a leak, you have to find and fix it. If the leak is in the plumbing, you’ll want to check all of your plumbing connections to see if their is an obvious problem. In many cases, the problem is hidden and difficult to find. Because a large amount of a pool’s plumbing system is buried, the best course of action when the location of the leak is not obvious is to contact a qualified swimming pool to come and handle the leak. They have special equipment that will assist them with locating the leak, meaning that they’ll only be required to dig in a small area.

If a crack in the concrete portion of the pool is causing the leak, the size of the crack will determine whether or not it can be fixed without the assistance of a pool contractor. Very small hairline cracks can often be managed by applying a special rubber or epoxy paint on the affected area. Slightly larger cracks can be fixed using a special epoxy compound made specially for concrete swimming pools. If you choose to attempt this on your own, it’s important to follow the directions exactly.

Larger cracks in concrete that are causing swimming pool leaking should always be fixed by a qualified swimming pool contractor. The crack may be caused by a number of factors and a contractor that specializes in concrete swimming pools will be able to get to the root of the problem and fix it so that it does not repeat itself. In some instances, they may need to add an expansion joint to ensure the pool does not crack again.

A leak in a concrete swimming pool doesn’t have to be the end of the world. It’s important to find it quickly and to diagnose and fix it properly so the problem doesn’t get worse. While there are many things that you can do as a home owner, in some cases, it’s best to call in the experts, who will save you time and money in the long run.

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Swimming pool construction is growing again, with more people interested in making fabulous memories entertaining in the backyards of their own homes. For many, deciding what kind of pool can be daunting, with many options available from construction to water systems. One type of construction that is gaining popularity is the gunite pool, which is also known as a concrete swimming pool. There are a list full of benefits to gunite, with most of them being aesthetic.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to owning a concrete pool instead of a fiberglass or vinyl one is the customizable features that can be added. Because pools are created on site, concrete swimming pools can be structured into any size or shape that the owner wishes. However, customizing a pool too much can detract from its value, in turn lowering the overall property value. If the homeowner is planning to sell the house anytime in the future, it may be wise to stay away from initial-shaped pools or other odd shapes.

Another benefit to concrete swimming pools is the additions and accessories that can be added to the pool area. Backyard landscaping is key to property value, so adding waterfalls, pool lights, and even custom tiles to the area can really raise some eyebrows. Many people choose to build a jacuzzi up out of the pool with a waterfall spilling over the side into the pool. This effect is growing increasingly popular, along with negative edge pools, in which the side of the pool seems to disappear over an edge. All of these effects are the result of a concrete swimming pool.

Owning a concrete swimming pool can be very rewarding, but the overall costs are going to be much higher than with tradition swimming pools. Not only does the pool have to be dug and created on site, but it also requires a tile lining on the walls to prevent injury. The edges of the pool are often stained or tiled as well, with surrounding landscaping and decking rounding out the overall cost. Despite this, many homeowners are still choosing gunite for its flexibility and aesthetic potential.

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Here is a great video that shows the steel & gunite steps of how a concrete swimming pool is built.

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gunite swimming pool
jerry s asked:

my swimming pool is nearly 30yrs old, it was there when I bought house. the surface is very rough and discolored. Any suggestions?

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gunite swimming pool
paula y asked:

after flooding twice in one week our inground gunite,plaster swimming pool received dirty creek water. I don’t think it is a good idea to drain water, so does anyone know of a better way to receive clean water again without harming the equipment?

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