Brick paver walks and patios are becoming more and more popular each year. Our customers like the appearance, texture and charm of the many styles and colors offered in brick.

As with almost everything, brick pavers do require some maintenance to stay looking nice. Each year we suggest our customers sand the joints in their brick. Sanding the joints will help prevent erosion between bricks. Erosion between joints exposes the compacted base material and can lead to settling. If joint sand is not sufficient, they’d settle down over time. The expansion of ice and snow as it freezes during a Michigan winter is enough to cause movement in brick pavers. Remember, moisture and water can be detrimental to a brick paver walk or patio. Keeping the joints sufficiently sanded would help be of much help in preventing the movement and settling of bricks.

If settling does occur in your brick pavers – don’t get overly concerned. They are outlined to be re-leveled and reset as necessary. Such reason made the bricks so popular in building roads few years ago. If you don’t want to tackle a project like re-leveling, we suggest you get serviced by a professional.

There are a few different types of brick sand on the market. Standard sweep sand is the most popular. All you have to do is pour out the dry sand over your pavers and sweep it in place. If you intend to do some sealing on the brick, make sure that you sweep off any sand remains in the brick faces.

Another sand that was very popular for a few years is called polysand or polymeric sand. Polysand has a binding agent (polymer) in it that helps keep it in place and offers resistance to moisture. As a quality control manager for a landscaping company, polysand can be a great product if it is properly installed. If improperly installed, it can leave a haze or film on the pavers. Polysanded bricks must be gently flooded with water to thoroughly hydrate the joints and to rinse the fine powder off of the brick faces if it overflows contact the Michigan flood policy to see if it applies for you. It is of necessity that any hazing be removed before sealing the brick.

Brick paver sealer or joint stabilizing brick sealer is highly recommended on all brick paver applications. A quality brick sealer will protect the brick from weathering and help retain its color longer. Brick sealer comes in gloss and matte finishes. Joint stabilizing sealer will seal and protect the brick while hardening standard sweep sand between the joints, locking the bricks in place.

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When it comes to designing a backyard pool getaway, many people need to choose between their favorite design choice and the one they can afford. Previously, homeowners were met with limited options; due to financial concerns, they only had concrete or colored concrete to choose from. Up until recently, the best looking pool deck surfaces were too expensive for the average homeowner to afford. Thanks to concrete engineering advancements, more choices are now available.

By using properly engineered concrete or concrete and polymer mixtures, a layer as thin as a credit card can be applied to an existing pool deck, transforming a backyard getaway into the one that the owner originally envisioned, rather than the one they settled for. The pool deck resurfacing products available for sale today are designed for quick drying time and they are affordable; a homeowner can do the upgrade in as little as one day.

It is also important to note the freedom these products provide. For instance, if a home owner wanted the look of stone, there are systems that will allow the installer to stamp or stencil the concrete, giving it the look of stone. Slip resistance can be added if the pool deck was originally too slick and any color combination can be had as well. As technology continues to improve, more companies are offering the products you need at an affordable price.

Pool deck resurfacing can be done to any concrete pool deck that is free of major cracks or other major structural issues. To begin, the surface is usually prepared with rough buffing that is designed to ensure the resurfacing materials bond better to the surface; then the concrete mixture is applied. With some systems, you apply the material with a trowel, but others may require it to be sprayed on. What is ideal about spray-on resurfacing systems is that they self-level; this means you don’t have to smooth the surface during the setup process.

Concrete resurfacing projects are popular because the products are strong and durable; they are designed to withstand UV exposure, high temperatures, humidity, and normal wear and tear. On top of this, these products are engineered to withstand years of being in a pool area, including being resistant to pool chemicals, including the most modern salt-based systems.

Adding flair to a pool area with resurfacing is a popular trend that continues to grow due it is ease and affordability. It is far cheaper to have a basic slab installed, then a thin layer of artistry added rather than doing all of that work to the stab itself. Pool design experts will recommend this if they feel it will save you money and them time on the job.

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A swimming pool can be one of the most enjoyable investments a homeowner ever makes, something that benefits the family’s health as well as being a recreational center for invited friends and family members.

Consider upgrading your swimming pool experience by installing a screen pool enclosure that covers your pool area with quality mesh screening on a heavy-duty aluminum frame. The enclosure provides an unobstructed view of the outdoors and allows you to enjoy the fresh air and breezes without inviting in the mosquitos and honeybees that are floating on that air.

Why is a screen pool enclosure important? First of all, it will help keep your pool water and the area around the pool so much cleaner because it will prevent leaves, grass clippings and other flying debris from even entering the pool water. A screen pool enclosure also provides peace of mind if you have small children or neighborhood pets that run loose. With a screen pool enclosure in place, children or wandering dogs and cats will not be able to access your pool and you won’t have to worry about accidents, drownings or lawsuits. Fences can be climbed over, but a screen pool enclosure is like a beautiful green house that sits atop your pool area protecting it from unwanted visitors day and night.

Especially in hot and humid climates where pools are very desireable, or if your pool is located near another outdoor water source like a lake or pond, the environment contains plenty of insects, nasty bugs, frogs and other flying invaders. A screen pool enclosure prevents them from buzzing around your pool perimeter much less taking a dip in the water.

A screen pool enclosure can add value to your property and the resale value of your home. A potential buyer will see that the pool is family and environmentally friendly and ready to enjoy without their having to go to the expense of adding any additional security fencing.

A screen pool enclosure also makes your entire pool area into an outdoor living room, especially during summer nights because the enclosure is designed to help you feel safe, protected and secure without obscuring the view or the breeze.

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fiberglass pool
amydelcambre asked:

I am going to meet with someone who has a fiberglass pool shell. I am not sure of the exact size but it is rectangle shape and looks fairly large (approx 40 x 20). How much money do think I should pay for the shell of the pool.

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fiberglass pool
Big Cheese asked:

I want to add a pool to my home. I have a big backyard and plan on removing a big avocado tree that I have become sick of. I would like to add a pool since I hear they are less expensive nowadays… Has anyone installed an in ground fiberglass pool? How much did it cost? How has it held up? would you recommend it and a company to me?

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