You may have been dissuaded in the past from getting a pool. Today I am going to prove them wrong! You can own and maintain a swimming pool.

–“My yard will me a mess for a year while they are constructing my pool.”

WRONG. Natural disasters and unforeseen events aside, your pool construction should take no longer than a few months….TOTAL. That means from the time you sign the contract to the time you are swimming. Period. Every job is different, so if you have some home renovations going on, or a very intricate pool design it may take a little longer. Most cities have a permitting website where you can check into your pool contractors previous job time periods.

–“My power bill will be too expensive.”

Most customers utility bills increase less than $75 per month with a non-heated pool. Compare that to how much you would normally spend on gas driving to the beach, or other entertainment costs, and we think you will find it quite affordable.

–“I can’t afford a pool.”

Pools are more affordable than you think. The options you choose all factor into the cost of your pool, so if you let Pool Captain’s Design Consultant know where you budget is, we will give you the best pool we can for the money. The size, types of mechanical equipment, materials, landscaping, and safety barriers all play a role in final cost.

There are several options when it comes to financing too. Pool Captain works with lender who can explain your options, and get you into long term loans. Just ask your sales representative, or click on the FINANCING tab above for more information.

–“Pools require constant repair & maintenance”

Maintenance? Yes, you need to check the pools chemical balance and water level relatively frequently, and you need to vacuum and clean the skimmer basket, but it is not an overwhelming amount of work. In Palm Coast you can hire a maintenance crew usually for about $100 per month to do this for you!

Repair? No, you shouldn’t have to repair your pool constantly. As a part of the Totally Hayward Program, Pool Captain uses all Hayward mechanical components in their pool construction. Pumps and filters come with a 1-3 year warranty depending upon how many features and mechanical parts you opt to include in your pools construction. Pool Captain also provides a 1 year builder’s warranty. If anything goes wrong you just need to call us!

Over 10-12 years the marcite interior finish may begin to deteriorate, and you will need to have someone refinish your pool. Overall, your pool should not require constant maintenance and repair.

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