Fiberglass Pool Lighting

Fiberglass pools have been available for decades, but are becoming more and more popular. They come in many sizes and shapes, are easier to clean than traditional pools, and best of all, they often come with, or can be fitted with, amazing color-changing lights. Picture your yard on a balmy summer evening. Fiberglass pool lighting in brilliant green, blue, red or purple shines through the night, giving your pool a magical glow. It’s a perfect setting for a twilight party for the neighborhood, or maybe a romantic evening for two.

There are several types of fiberglass pool lighting to choose from. Some have automatic color switches, and can be programmed to change colors in preset or self-selected patterns. Softly-lit fountains can bubble in your spa, or a beautifully colored waterfall will ripple from the spa into the main pool.

Fiber-optic lights are one choice for fiberglass pool lighting that has become very popular. These lights can be installed underwater or above the water level, and are low-maintenance. The light fixtures are fitted into light niches on the sides of the pool as in standard pool lighting. Safety is one of the keywords used in connection with fiber-optic lights. These lights come in a “moonglow” option, which emits a more natural light that is especially effective for night swimming, and for lighting steps. The other keyword is affordability. Fiber-optic lights use much less power than standard or halogen lights, and emit little heat.

Halogen bulbs can be used in pools, too, but must be installed below the water level as the cool pool water is part of the cooling system. These are installed in sealed niches to keep the water and electricity from mixing. Halogen bulbs give a bright light which is preferred by some pool owners. The bulbs last for about 1000 hours.

LED lights are another choice in fiberglass pool lighting. They are easy to install; bulb changing is also simple and safe. LED lights give a wide range of light, eliminating the shadows in the corners and ends of the pool that are common with standard pool lighting. They are also available in an exciting range of colors, which can be changed with a simple toggle switch. These lights, like the fiber-optic lights, are very energy efficient, and last up to five times longer than standard pool lights.
Whichever type you choose, enjoy your fiberglass pool lighting.

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