Swimming Pool Toys For an activity that combines healthy exercise and fun, swimming can’t be beat. Throw in a few pool toys, and you’ll have an activity the whole family will want to be a part of. Today’s pool toys run the gamut, from tried-and-true standards to new, innovative toys that will add a new dimension to your water sports enjoyment. From rafts and floats to interactive floating games, there’s a wealth of variety from which to choose.

Pool Rafts

Pool rafts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the traditional mattress raft to the tire-like round rafts – you can even choose a two-seater raft with headrests at opposite ends, that allows you to face the person you’re relaxing with. Offering supportive, inflatable bases with or without pillows and headrests, no pool in complete without at least one raft. Most rafts are made of plastics or polymers, which makes them one of the least expensive pool toys you can buy. Most rafts are designed to allow the user to sit up or lie down, and some offer built-in cup holders, for the ultimate in swimming pool luxury.

Pool Floats

Of all of the pool toys and accessories, floats may offer the widest selection. A decade or so ago, there was little distinction made between rafts and floats. While pool rafts were generally regarded as inflatable floats, the pool float encompassed a somewhat wider range of pool toys, but these items were usually restricted to lounges and seahorse-shaped kiddy toys. Today, all that has changed. Even a cursory glance at a webpage or store aisle devoted to pool floats will show you just how far this category of pool toys has grown. Sure, you can still choose a lounger or animal-shaped inflatable toy; but you can also find uniquely designed floats that will set your pool apart as a fun and relaxing mecca for swimmers of all ages. Tugboats, school buses – even giant pretzels and huge inflatable rubber ducks – all have found a home in the realm of today’s pool floats. For kids, consider a floating island, pool seesaw, or inflatable floating house or castle. Adults can enjoy single and double upright or reclining floats, and there are even inflatable bars for after-hours pool play.

Pool Toys

For those learning to swim and dive, consider brightly colored dive sticks or streamers. There are loads of water guns on the market, some of which siphon an endless stream of water directly form the pool. Boats, fish, sharks, and other vehicles and creatures with swimming action can add a lot of play value for kids of all ages. And don’t forget the ever-popular pool noodles, ideal for floating or a little good-natured jousting.

Pool Games

Tried-and-true standbys, like pool basketball and volleyball, remain as popular today as they were when they were first introduced. And today, they’re joined by a host of new activities and game-oriented pool toys, including water bombs, water polo sets, and even underwater pogo sticks. Darts and archery are newer additions to the collection of pool toys you’ll find available. For the more cerebral, floating checkers and chess – even floating blackjack games – are all available. Be sure to pick up a deck of waterproof cards, designed specifically for use in the swimming pool.

With or without pool toys, swimming is great exercise. But routine laps can get pretty boring, pretty quickly. With a selection of pool toys at hand, there’s no end to the fun your friends and family will have when they jump in your swimming pool for a few hours of rest, relaxation, and good, clean fun!

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