What will you do to keep your landscape healthy and green? You can realize the factors behind making the landscape healthy and fresh. Here are some landscape tips for you which will help you achieve your results.

Using Sprinkler Heads:

1. It’s very important to adjust the sprinkler heads properly so that they do not spray sidewalks, driveways or walls. Otherwise, it can be a waste of water.

2. You should set them so that they can facilitate head-to-head coverage. Meaning that the spray of your one sprinkler should reach the head of the nearby sprinkler.

3. You could level all your sprinkler heads to grade so that you could prevent spray blockage.

Using Nozzles and Irrigation Clocks:

4. You can use the most efficient nozzles and irrigation clocks to get the desired results.

5. You should adjust your irrigation clock seasonally. Also you have to observe some watering restrictions.

Checking Your Irrigation System:

6. You can check your sprinkler system on weekly basis. If you discover some missing or broken sprinklers, then you should immediately replace with new alternatives.

7. Check the drip line once in a month. This will help you make out whether there are breaks in the line or emitter clogs.

Using Drip Irrigation System:

8. Low-flow or drip irrigation are efficient watering option you can choose for irrigation trees and shrubs. The main benefit of this system is to offer water straight to the root level and so benefits in maintaining moisture level.

9. Using drip irrigation less frequently is better for plants than daily watering.

You know that diverse plants and shrubs need different level of irrigation. And so, your choice of irrigation system can also vary. You can prepare your irrigation task bearing in mind the moisture level, shade and the climatic condition. You may water the areas in the shade something around 30-35 % less than the sunny areas.

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