In the last decade swimming pools have taken a rapid rise in quality and demand. In the days of old there was little choice in design. Goodbye to an era of only rectangular or oval shaped pools; hello to a time where pool design possibilities are endless and you can let your imagination go wild. One must be realistic about their budget at the start, this helps to pare down ideas. You still can get the look and contentment from your pool design, while staying within your means.

Select a sensible place for your pool to be located; sun from morning to late afternoon is ideal, it’s great to have some shade in the early evening to kick back without the harsh rays. There are people who just can’t get enough sun and want to soak up every minute, so continuous sunshine is their answer. The point is to keep your preferences in mind when choosing the plot.

The inground pool is the most flexible style pool and is also the most accommodating when it comes to design. With dozens of graceful shapes such as a lagoon expression or a tropical rain forest effect, a potential pool owner needs to decide what type of surrounding will be a more relaxing choice personally. Keep in mind what type of home you own and that it’s best to blend in the pool design. The above ground pool has a slimmer volume of choices but can easily be beautifully designed and satisfying.

The hard part is wading through the gazillion possibilities; there is really nothing that isn’t appealing. A pool design has a short list of necessities, and a long list of aquatic options. Tile mosaics, steps, walls and columns; breathtaking waterfalls and fireplaces all can play a part. One must choose decking and fencing; everything is offered in a wide collection of colors and textures. Lighting and landscaping included in pool designs make a setting go from “blah” to “wow“. Spas and swimmer pampering stations are there to select, along with basketball courts and the much needed furniture. Don’t forget that a pool design absolutely must include a cleaning system.

Maybe you’ve had one of the two types of pools for many years and just want a change. Remodeling your pool can be a quick fix or maybe your new pool design will require more renovation. Adding a grass hut, a new grill and furniture will constitute change, but adding a cooking island and new colored decking would be more dramatic. A pool really pays for itself by less need for entertainment away from home; whatever choices fit and make an individual happy is the key. Choosing your pool design is exciting, a sensational time to claim your chunk of the tropics.

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No backyard is complete without the summer kitchen! What a great way to get the full experience of the Florida lifestyle. Enjoy family and friends while grilling by the pool on a warm summer’s night, or light a fire in your new fire-pit on a cool winter night. The design possibilities are endless! Outdoor living is just one of the great reasons to live in Florida, so take advantage of our beautiful climate.

A summer kitchen can be just a grill, or you can expand it to include a side burner, sink, refrigerator, pizza oven…whatever really. You may have a wall to spare that we can transform into a beautiful outdoor dining experience. Or, we can build something completely freestanding to coordinate with the look of your home, pool, and yard.

If you have an outdoor kitchen already, we would be happy to update it for you. We can replace old counters with granite or tile for example, or give you a decorative backsplash. We can replace old dingy cabinets and doors with new. If your grill currently fills your enclosure or lanai with smoke every time you cook, we can add a beautiful vent hood for you. All you have to do is ask! Like I said earlier, the possibilities are endless.

A summer kitchen goes great with a swimming pool. Some other nice accompaniments include pergolas, fireplaces, fire-pits, awnings, a bar area, and a screen enclosure.

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