Create positive life forces and tranquility for your surroundings with the ancient principles of Feng Shui.

“Feng Shui” is a method of arranging items for the most favorable within an area to insure a peaceable, healthy, and inspirational atmosphere. Water is one of the five key elements of Feng Shui. In fact, the Chinese term Feng Shui translates as “wind and water”. Since water has both active and introspective qualities, an outdoor water feature is a significant element when applying the principles of Feng Shui. Many people select an indoor water fountain with an Asian design such as a bamboo fountain. Yet, a traditional non-AsianĀ  fountain should serve the same purpose just as well.

Natural materials such as slate, stone, bamboo, wood, and copper are all consistent with the practice of Feng Shui. For example, a bamboo fountain combines water and wood elements. Popular Zen fountains made from a slab of stone combined with bronze are unobtrusive, representing the concept of calm and equilibrium. They are popular as both ground mounted and wall water fountains. No matter what design you select, ensure that the water in your garden water fountain is always fresh, adequately supplied and debris free.

When evaluating your patio or garden, it is important to take into account that in Feng Shui, all parts of the space relate to a symbolic significance. There are many different methods of Feng Shui. However, all use some form of template that partitions the space into specific areas that affect one’s life. These include factors such as as fame, friends, love, wealth, health, and more. In placing a garden fountain, said to facilitate the flow of qi (life energy), the most favorable placement would be in the north, southeast, or east parts of your space.

Curved objects are favored in Feng Shui, so outdoor fountains with rounded basins and those that include a sphere or orb are excellent selections. There are many attractive water fountains designed with a chain of pottery or ceramic containers that spill water into each other, which permits qi to both circulate and accumulate. Metal statuary of birds, frogs, or meditating figures also can enhance symbolism to advance luck, wealth, health, or longevity.

Many gardens can benefit from having a water fountain designed with Feng Shui concepts in mind. Large wall mounted fountains, small tabletop fountains, bamboo fountains, Zen garden fountains, and traditional garden fountains can all play a part in soothing and refreshing the positive energy in your outdoor environment.

Copper Swimming Pool Ionization – Pool Water Treatment

You have spent another day in the pool. Now your clothes, skin, and hair all smell like chlorine. Your skin is dry. You went underwater and swam with your eyes open, and now your eyes sting. If this sounds all too familiar, consider an alternative way to keep your pool clean. Swimming pool ionizers are a safe, cost-effective option for your pool.

Copper pool ionization is the latest in technology for keeping pool water pure. Copper electrodes have a safe, low-voltage DC current attached to them. The ions will make an effort to move from electrode to electrode; resulting in many of them being left in the water. Once in the water, copper ions have the ability to break through the outer membrane of a cell, which will in turn upset the enzyme balance, which will then kill bacteria.

Swimming pool ionizers are perfectly safe, much safer than chlorine. In fact, the minerals used in copper pool ionization are minerals that are actually good for the body; whereas chlorine and other chemicals used to treat pool water can be toxic at high enough levels. Copper pool ionization eliminates the need for harmful chemicals in your pool while giving you some of the minerals that will benefit your body.

The electrodes needed for copper pool ionization only need to be replaced every three to five years or so. The cost of replacement, plus the cost of the electricity used are quite reasonable, and they are worth the peace of mind you will get by knowing that your swimming pool ionizers are keeping your water pure and clean in a natural and safe manner. Gone are the chemical smells that cling to you and your clothes; gone are the stinging eyes. Treat your pool with copper pool ionization and see the difference for yourself.