A swimming pool can be one of the most enjoyable investments a homeowner ever makes, something that benefits the family’s health as well as being a recreational center for invited friends and family members.

Consider upgrading your swimming pool experience by installing a screen pool enclosure that covers your pool area with quality mesh screening on a heavy-duty aluminum frame. The enclosure provides an unobstructed view of the outdoors and allows you to enjoy the fresh air and breezes without inviting in the mosquitos and honeybees that are floating on that air.

Why is a screen pool enclosure important? First of all, it will help keep your pool water and the area around the pool so much cleaner because it will prevent leaves, grass clippings and other flying debris from even entering the pool water. A screen pool enclosure also provides peace of mind if you have small children or neighborhood pets that run loose. With a screen pool enclosure in place, children or wandering dogs and cats will not be able to access your pool and you won’t have to worry about accidents, drownings or lawsuits. Fences can be climbed over, but a screen pool enclosure is like a beautiful green house that sits atop your pool area protecting it from unwanted visitors day and night.

Especially in hot and humid climates where pools are very desireable, or if your pool is located near another outdoor water source like a lake or pond, the environment contains plenty of insects, nasty bugs, frogs and other flying invaders. A screen pool enclosure prevents them from buzzing around your pool perimeter much less taking a dip in the water.

A screen pool enclosure can add value to your property and the resale value of your home. A potential buyer will see that the pool is family and environmentally friendly and ready to enjoy without their having to go to the expense of adding any additional security fencing.

A screen pool enclosure also makes your entire pool area into an outdoor living room, especially during summer nights because the enclosure is designed to help you feel safe, protected and secure without obscuring the view or the breeze.

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Summer in America is grilling outside by the pool with friends and family. A pool has become an asset to the average home with it increasing property value in some areas by up to fifteen percent. Backyard pools have been around for decades, with the same structure and chlorine formulas being used for the majority of them. However, in recent years, a new trend is starting to evolve in swimming pools. The use of salt water pools is growing increasingly popular for both health and economical reasons.

Salt water pools are  not filled with heavy chemicals that have a tendency to dry out the skin and turn a little girl’s blond hair into a green mess. While there are still a fair amount of chemicals in the pool, they are mild and limited, creating a less aggressive swimming pool experience. Proponents of salt water pools generally believe that the chemicals in traditional pool systems can prove somewhat dangerous over time, if used on a regular basis.

Another benefit to owning a salt water pool as opposed to a tradition chlorinated pool is the overall economic benefit. As many pool owners know, chlorine costs can add up over the summer, and can quickly become a major factor in the household budget costing hundreds of dollars in maintenance. On the other hand, salt water systems prove to be economical with salt costing a fraction of chlorine. Though the salt water system may initially be more expensive to install, it will pay for itself in a short span of time.

Perhaps the best benefit of salt water pools is the lack of frequent maintenance requirements. Though all pools must be maintained and tested for safety, a salt water system takes care of some of the daily work for the homeowner, making the experience much more enjoyable. A control box monitors the pool’s conditions and tests the water on a regular basis.

For those in the market for a new pool, the a salt water pool is a safer, healthier and less expensive option for most buyers. Because of its growing popularity, it is more likely to increase the value of one’s property. The salt water systems have truly revolutionized the pool industry, and American Summers too.

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In the last decade swimming pools have taken a rapid rise in quality and demand. In the days of old there was little choice in design. Goodbye to an era of only rectangular or oval shaped pools; hello to a time where pool design possibilities are endless and you can let your imagination go wild. One must be realistic about their budget at the start, this helps to pare down ideas. You still can get the look and contentment from your pool design, while staying within your means.

Select a sensible place for your pool to be located; sun from morning to late afternoon is ideal, it’s great to have some shade in the early evening to kick back without the harsh rays. There are people who just can’t get enough sun and want to soak up every minute, so continuous sunshine is their answer. The point is to keep your preferences in mind when choosing the plot.

The inground pool is the most flexible style pool and is also the most accommodating when it comes to design. With dozens of graceful shapes such as a lagoon expression or a tropical rain forest effect, a potential pool owner needs to decide what type of surrounding will be a more relaxing choice personally. Keep in mind what type of home you own and that it’s best to blend in the pool design. The above ground pool has a slimmer volume of choices but can easily be beautifully designed and satisfying.

The hard part is wading through the gazillion possibilities; there is really nothing that isn’t appealing. A pool design has a short list of necessities, and a long list of aquatic options. Tile mosaics, steps, walls and columns; breathtaking waterfalls and fireplaces all can play a part. One must choose decking and fencing; everything is offered in a wide collection of colors and textures. Lighting and landscaping included in pool designs make a setting go from “blah” to “wow“. Spas and swimmer pampering stations are there to select, along with basketball courts and the much needed furniture. Don’t forget that a pool design absolutely must include a cleaning system.

Maybe you’ve had one of the two types of pools for many years and just want a change. Remodeling your pool can be a quick fix or maybe your new pool design will require more renovation. Adding a grass hut, a new grill and furniture will constitute change, but adding a cooking island and new colored decking would be more dramatic. A pool really pays for itself by less need for entertainment away from home; whatever choices fit and make an individual happy is the key. Choosing your pool design is exciting, a sensational time to claim your chunk of the tropics.

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Although concrete pools have long been the more popular favorite for backyard pools, the material fiberglass has also been in practice for about fifty years. Although outfitting your backyard with a fiberglass pool is going to be more costly than a standard concrete one, the long term benefits far outweigh the price.

Fiberglass pools are constructed from a prefabricated fiberglass shell. There is no pouring involved like there is with concrete; a large hole is dug and the fiberglass shell is merely fitted into it. The exterior of the fiberglass shell is non-porous, which is a better choice in the long run since dirt and bacteria can seep into the pockets of a concrete pool over time. Fiberglass is also a strong material that holds up well with weather and standard usage. It will not crack as easily as concrete, either.

Another benefit of fiberglass is the fact that the chemistry of the water will not affect the smooth surface of it. There is not a great amount of cleaning necessary, and it is easier to do so anyway because of the differences in surface material. Debris is more inclined to get trapped in the surface of concrete than fiberglass.

There are some drawbacks to fiberglass swimming pools in addition to the added cost. First, when you get a concrete pool, you can be very creative with the shape of your pool as well as an additional accessories, like a built in hot tub. But with fiberglass, the shapes are very limited to choose from.

Second, emptying your fiberglass pool could make for problems. Water needs to fill the fiberglass shell at all times to keep pressure on the walls in order for the fiberglass to keep its shape. If it’s emptied, the fiberglass can crack due to ground pressure. Fiberglass pool owners should plan on maintaining the water year round and investing in an excellent cover system. Always make sure to hire a professional if you absolutely need to empty it.

Another thing to consider when installing your fiberglass pool is the fact that most of these pools are placed on a bed of sand. If this sand shifts over the years, you may need to have your pool reset.

When installed and maintained properly, a fiberglass pool can provide decades of family fun and entertainment at a reasonable cost. The right team of professionals combined with a dedicated pool owner makes for fantastic pool results.

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If you are installing a new inground swimming pool there are many options when it comes to choosing building materials. The top choices are fiberglass pools, gunite pools and concrete pools.

Concrete makes an outstanding building material for inground swimming pools because its durability is unmatched. When installed properly, a concrete pool will last indefinitely.

Unlike other pool choices your options for design are limited only by your imagination. Because concrete is installed on site instead of being pre-formed at a factory, you can make allowances for terrain that would otherwise be impossible.

Concrete swimming pools are themselves the least expensive pools to build. The installation of a concrete swimming pool also requires the least amount of terrain prep work than any other pool building material. This adds to the cost savings.

You are not limited in color as you are with other building materials. You can paint the concrete any color that you choose, have a design painted, have a design stamped into the concrete or even use a vinyl liner. If you wish to change the color or design at a later time, it’s as easy as repainting the pool or changing the liner.

Paint considerations for concrete pools are now limitless. Any color can be mixed into a paint formula suitable for pools. No other building material allows for the kind of creativity with paint that concrete allows.

Concrete pools are also the easiest pools to tile. This is important if you want a mosaic design. This can be done at installation easier than with any other building material.

The installation of vinyl liners is also easier in concrete pools than in other types of pools. This is because vinyl liners were originally designed for concrete pools. These can be installed professionally or personally.

Concrete pools are also easier to clean than other building materials owing to the simple fact that they are so durable. While many people choose to clean by hand, concrete pools are not limited to this option. Some pool cleaners and vacuums that are more likely to damage fiberglass and gunite pools are perfect for concrete swimming pools. Concrete is also the least likely to be negatively impacted by the use of chemicals in the pool.

Overall it is a matter of preference as to what material you ultimately choose to use when creating your new inground swimming pool. When taking all factors into consideration concrete is clearly the best building material in terms of durability, design and cost.

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