Swimming workout helps you to keep yourself fit and refreshing. It is basically a body exercise that tones your muscles, increases your blood circulation, and enhances your energy. You can also consider Swimming pool workout as an authentic way to increase you body flexibility and strength.

If you want to increase your cardiovascular stamina go for swimming. If you want to be a good swimmer, you should work with water. More you work with water, the better it is. Propel with your hips, shoulders and abs in order to do better.

While you are doing Swimming pool work out, you should have a better understanding about the unique properties of water. Basically, while you are in water, your body has no gravity at all. You loose almost 90% of your body weight and you become buoyant.

So you can easily float on water, in a completely relaxed mood without putting any extra effort at all. As air provides 12 percent to 14 percent less resistance than water, as you move about, you have more weight around you. So you have to keep moving while you are doing Swimming pool work out.

You may not know that swimming laps is a very good exercise in a swimming pool. Try to execute different types of strokes. You may try out with vertical or upright strokes. Trying different types of exercises will keep you balanced while you are doing Swimming pool work out.

There are different types of Swimming pool work out activities. Some typical water workouts are:

water toning

water therapy


water walking

water aerobics

water flexibility training

water yoga

If you are swimming horizontally, you experience 75% lesser resistance than the amount of resistance you experience in vertical Swimming pool work out. During vertical Swimming pool work out, your resistance increases against your movements.

For elderly people, Swimming pool work out is of great help. It helps you to increase your heath and strength. It also helps you to increase your metabolism and physical activity as well. It also helps you to feel better. If you join a swimming class, it increases your social interaction; you make more friends and develop a community of your choice. This makes you feel sound and fit.

There is no age to join a swimming class. So do not delay. Join an aquatic class and extract all possible fun from it. Who knows, you may again get back your childhood days?

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