It's Sexy in the Moonlight – When the day is done and the children are tucked in bed, the
swimming pool awaits. Under a moonlit sky a pool is very, very romantic. Just ask the
adults who own one. Of course, they must be willing to tell the truth.

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Great for Arthritis and Sore Joints – Some people who suffer from the pain of arthritis are convinced that a regular program of water exercises is one of the ways to beat the debilitating effects of the disease. Obviously, everyone should contact a doctor first. Then, if permitted, get into a rehabilitation program as quickly as possible.

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How to tell if your swimming pool has a leak. Place a bucket of water beside the pool and mark both the water in the bucket and the pool water level.  Wait 24 hours then check the loss of both. If the pool loses more water than the bucket, then you have a leak. 

What are the prices for leak detection and repair? Of course, charges will be lowered with your help of  uncovering the facts needed to determine the leaks location. Average charges range from  $250 or more depending on the extent of your leak. Higher prices will be realized for below ground work; however, many leaks are fixed within one hour. Many pools leak in more than one area so monitoring is important after any repair is made. There may be additional charges for cutting and replacing concrete and for SCUBA (under-water) work. Be sure to visit our New Leak Detection Section for leak detection and repair items.

Swimming Pool Leak & Swimming Pool Repair

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What Is Better Than Watching Television? Swimming In Your Own Pool – While TV can sometimes be entertaining it is no competition for good fun and healthy exercise. A swimming pool offers both – maybe even a longer life.

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