Pool Service Rates*

under 450 sf pool   Weekly
salt, screened   $140.00
chlorine, screened   $150.00
salt, unscreened   $160.00+
chlorine, unscreened   $170.00+
salt pool, unscreened in wooded area   Bid Only
chlorine, unscreened in wooded area   Bid Only
If you don’t see a description matching your pool area, please call and we will come out
to give you a custom estimate.    
Our Service Agreement Includes: 

  • Vacuum Pool as needed
  • Brush Tile, Walls, Floor, & Steps as needed
  • Check Equipment
  • Leaf net the top of the pool
  • Clean the skimmer basket and pump basket
  • Chemicals checked and balanced
  • Brush the tile line
  • Clean &/or backwash filter 1x per month
  • Leave note detailing work done

*rates are subject to site inspection and approval