It is very important that everyone in your household learn to swim if you intend on getting a swimming pool…even an infant. A few minutes of being able to float on one’s back could be long enough for someone to notice they are missing and find them in the pool.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently released a new report showing an increase in the annual number pool pool and spa drownings.  The average number of annual deaths by drowning in children age 5 and younger is up from 267 in 2002 thru 2004 to 283 in 2003 thru 2005.  Given the increase in the number of pools in the US, the percentage of deaths has actually decreased, however this is still a huge industry concern.  Swimming pool safety is very important.

One drowning is too many!  Being able to swim or even just float could save your, or a loved one’s life.  Talk to your family about swimming pool safety and be sure that you always have a child barrier in place.

You can visit to find our local class schedule for Health & Safety classes including CPR classes in the Flagler/Volusia County area.

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