Regardless of your local weather patterns, your landscaping and gardens will have a specific microclimate which is created due to several different influences working together. Some of these factors are the direction your property faces, how it’s protected from the wind, amount of slope, and how much sun or shade it gets. Considering microclimates into your landscape design could prove to be one of the most important elements to how successful your landscape or garden is.

Any structures that you place on your property could have an immediate effect on its microclimate. All your landscaping and garden ideas could easily be effected by just one placement. For example, a house creates a windbreak and alters the flow of air around and above it. There will be cooler spots and warmer spots created on either side of the house with shade in different places at different times. Walls and fences similarly have an effect on a site, as do natural features like trees and hedges.

The composition of the soil surface can have effect on local temeratures and temperature changes. Some surfaces, like bitumen, attract so much heat that you can’t walk on them in the heat of the summer. And the heat they produce is even felt in the air above. Concrete surfaces, on the other hand, keeps fairly cool. All landscaping ideas will be effected differently by different elements. Turf grass is always cool. However, the temperature of the soil under the grass is influenced by how long the grass is growing over it. Temperature changes like this can help you grow warmth loving plants like semi tropical and some tropical varieties. Exposed surfaces that get hot in the daytime will transfer the heat energy back out through the night. This effect can be used to mitigate frost damage in susceptible areas.

In gardens and landscaping exposed to heavy winds, some type of barrier is usually needed. It’s been shown that solid wind blocks like wood fences make areas of turbulence on each side. This is common knowledge to most landscape design contractors. The best sort of barriers are the ones that allow some air flow. A barrier like this will be more like a filter than a baracade. To create an effective wind barrier, you can place light foliaged trees, an open boarded fence, or a brick fence with spaces left between the bricks. You can find cedar fence pickets at, they offer high-quality materials at a lower cost.

Water can have many different effects on a microclimate. Depending on the pond size, it helps stabilize the temperature of the air. A pond reflects light from its surface, so plants surrounding a pond tend to get both more water and more light than those planted elsewhere. However, even though a pond has a cooling effect on its surroundings in the heat of Summer, it can also have a very chilly effect in Winter. Keep this in mind when you’re considering where to place a pond.

Both people and vegetation get more out of it when you consider your site’s microclimate and plan accordingly.

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Nothing is worse than having a swimming pool that is green from algae or has slime on its walls and floor. Most pool owners are content to add powdered chemicals day after day to keep chlorine levels high. But for some the chlorine generator has replaced the task of adding chemicals.

There are two types of chlorine generators used in residential pool systems. A brine unit uses a container of salt and by electrolysis produces chlorine which upon contact with water produces hypochlorous acid, which is then injected into the pool water as it is filtered. Hypochlorous acid is the active ingredient used in chlorine laundry bleach and is an effective sanitizer when used properly. The downside to this type of chlorine generator is that the electrolysis process produces large amounts of sodium hydroxide (lye) which must be cleaned out of the unit and disposed of properly. Due to this waste disposal issue, brine units are less commonly used today.

The most common chlorine generation unit requires that salt be added to the pool water, usually about 25 pounds per 1000 gallons. There are two different types of salted water chlorine generators. Both types use electrolysis like the brine unit, but instead of using concentrated salt use the salt in the pool water. The first type of salted water chlorinator uses convection to circulate pool water and makes chlorine even if the circulating pump is turned off. The other type of salted water unit is installed inline with the filtration system and only produces chlorine when the filtration system is active.

There are two benefits to this system in that slightly salted water often “feels” better than fresh water and that waste production is greatly decreased. However, it must be remembered that for optimal performance the units must be cleaned regularly, and some systems offer reverse polarity options that make the units self-cleaning and greatly minimize maintenance. Some users may be concerned about cost, as chlorine generation units are not inexpensive, but some costs are recouped in the fact that pool chemical expenses are greatly reduced in a salt system.

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Salt Water Swimming Pools and Chlorine Generators

While swimming pools have traditionally been freshwater, the use of saltwater swimming pools is growing in popularity. There are many misconceptions about salt-water pools. One is that salt-water pools are chlorine free, but this is not true. Salt-water pools actually use chlorine generators. Having a good understanding of how salt-water pools work and what their benefits are is necessary when making the decision between a fresh or salt-water setup for your pool.

Why Choose Salt-Water?

The salt content in the ocean is roughly 35,000 parts per million (“ppm”). However, most humans can really only tolerate a salt content of about 3,500 ppm. Modern chlorine generators in swimming pools require the pool to have a salt content of between 2500 and 6000 ppm. Ideally, the generator being used should require less then 3500 ppm since this is what most people find comfortable.

Swimming in such a pool is comparable to showering using soft water. People using traditional fresh water pools find that the chlorine damages and dries their skin. However, upon exiting a salt-water pool, people find that their skin feels smooth, soft and hydrated.

How the Chlorine Generator Works.

The main purpose of the chlorine generator is to create chlorine for the pool, eliminating the need to purchase it, pour it in, and store the leftover chlorine. Most pool owners are attracted to this feature. When a chlorine generator is functioning properly, it will produce chlorine as long as the pump is running. Rather than the chlorine level rising and falling depending on maintenance, the chlorine level is kept constant and level. Bacteria and algae never have a chance to take over.

The key is the cell that makes up the generator. This must be made of precious metals so that is can be maintained and will continue creating chlorine. Using electrolysis, as water passes over the chlorine generator cell; chlorine is produced and immediately converted to Hypochlorous acid. All chlorine creates this same acid when added to water. Hypochlorous acid is the agent that actually acts as a sanitizer in any pool. Whether your pool is fresh or salt-water, and regardless of your choice of chlorine, it is the same end result. As with a fresh-water pool, the pH is vital to keeping the pool running smoothly and clean.

With a salt-water pool and chlorine generator, maintenance will still be required. However, the chlorine levels in the pool will be more consistent, making the pool cleaner. The water will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth rather than dry and brittle. Finally, the pool will cost less to run since there is no need to buy chlorine every week.

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If you are one of those people who are searching for outdoor lighting, you might want to consider low voltage landscape lighting. Low voltage landscape lighting kits can change the looks of your garden at night. The different colors in your kits will add more dramatic dimension to your front or back yard. If you want to give your garden an exotic atmosphere at night, choose the colors of your lightings well.

Prior to looking at lighting for the home, it will be best for you to 1st evaluate your backyard design. If you used a computer software to help you design your backyard, make use of similar pc application software to discovert what styles of lighting you may require to achieve that exotic effect.  

Solar lights remain popular with homeowners because they don’t require installation of wires and they don’t use electricity.  Solar light fixtures are usually the most costly of outdoor lighting initially, but you save money on electric bills later. Another economy-minded option is low-voltage lighting. This type of lighting is easy to install and can be moved around as the mood strikes you. This makes them a more versatile choice.  

Where To Place Them

If you’re looking to create a certain mood with your contemporary home lighting, keep in mind the glow from the moon and other sources of natural light that may affect this area of your property. Position your outdoor lighting to provide a soft highlighting of key areas. If you have a fountain or a carefully arranged planting of flowers, the lights should call attention to these items in a quiet way. The colors of the lights you choose are very important. White lights work best, but colored lights may provide softer shading and are good for setting certain moods. 

Protecting Your Lights

Most LED landscape lighting already has light protection so you need not worry about exposing your lights to the elements. However, there are some types of lights that need extra protection. To make sure that your lights are well protected, check the product description of your lighting before you buy it. Never take things for granted when it comes to your yard or patio lights.

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Boost Your Well-being and Total body with a Swimming Pool

Swimming is certainly a superb cardio activity which will enhances cardiovascular health and fitness and in addition tones the muscle groups throughout the individual body. Aquatics is a great workout which has no age group boundaries to exercise and also will allow individuals from any age in swimming pools. Swimming rarely possess any injury threats and has always long been a lifetime physical exercise program.

Even if you are feeling fatigued a person can still go for a swim due to the fact that it relaxes the entire body and the mind. Generally there are many things a person can certainly do within the swimming pool, such as: physical exercises, therapy, games and many others. You can use these exercise to either tone your body parts or heal your body pains. Swimming virtually will work out your entire body parts such as torso, triceps, biceps, back, shoulders and other, with very minimal amount of joint strain. This is without question fantastic with respect to general health and fitness.

Swimming frequently aids to build muscle strength as well as enhances cardio vascular fitness, meaning it can serve as cross trainer which an individual use at the fitness center. It is also really versatile because a person can easily swim before or even after your gym work out. Make use of the swimming pool to accomplish the warm up session prior to the gym and you can also use it after the heavy workout at the fitness center to relax your body muscles.

You do group sessions in the pool, have some kind of games or exercise routine in a group, or may be you can chuck a coin in the pool and have a competition on who makes it first. This activity is not solely for physical exercise, this also create enjoyable atmosphere.

Swimming can also be used for aquatic therapy for individuals who have got diabetes, broken bones, joint replacement, spinal injuries, tension reduction, weight management and many more.

I recommend swimming for all ages and make sure you perform this on a regular basis for you to keep fit and healthy, especially young people. This maintains the health and body of the children.

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