Stepping stones are a smart thing to place in the middle of your lawn, or in the middle of your flower bed, but normal garden centre stepping stones are very boring. They are plain and have no life about them.

Decorative stepping stones are distinctive because they serve the dual purpose of providing a walkway within your yard or garden in addition to a new design. Oftentimes, individuals cut across front lawns for an easy pathway to the front door. Stepping stones are often used to offer a natural appearing walkway to your garden thru the front door of your home. Stepping stones are considered as a work of art which provide your walkway or garden a personalize signature of your lifestyle. Decorative stepping stones are quite easy to make plus require very little time or effort. They are able to commonly be made relatively cheaper than buying those in preformed kits as well. 

Stepping stones are mid-sized stones placed in either the ground or a body of water to allow for a dry crossing. They’re mostly employed in gardens as an aesthetic device as well, even in areas where wet earth is not a concern. They are weather resistant and gorgeous – the ornamental garden stepping stones plus outside Garden Plaques may be used to decorate your wall area, indoor or outdoors! Use a ornamental garden stepping stone in gardens, around water ponds, bathtub houses, your gazebo or porch. 

Solar-lighted stepping stones are even available and add extra safety during romantic evening strolls. By eliminating harmful foot traffic, stepping stones reduce unwanted wear and tear on lawns plus protect fragile garden flowers. Solar energy charges the engineered-in NiCad battery throughout the day plus to provide light during the night. As evening approaches, a solar stepping stone turns bright white with light.


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Copper Swimming Pool Ionization – Pool Water Treatment

You have spent another day in the pool. Now your clothes, skin, and hair all smell like chlorine. Your skin is dry. You went underwater and swam with your eyes open, and now your eyes sting. If this sounds all too familiar, consider an alternative way to keep your pool clean. Swimming pool ionizers are a safe, cost-effective option for your pool.

Copper pool ionization is the latest in technology for keeping pool water pure. Copper electrodes have a safe, low-voltage DC current attached to them. The ions will make an effort to move from electrode to electrode; resulting in many of them being left in the water. Once in the water, copper ions have the ability to break through the outer membrane of a cell, which will in turn upset the enzyme balance, which will then kill bacteria.

Swimming pool ionizers are perfectly safe, much safer than chlorine. In fact, the minerals used in copper pool ionization are minerals that are actually good for the body; whereas chlorine and other chemicals used to treat pool water can be toxic at high enough levels. Copper pool ionization eliminates the need for harmful chemicals in your pool while giving you some of the minerals that will benefit your body.

The electrodes needed for copper pool ionization only need to be replaced every three to five years or so. The cost of replacement, plus the cost of the electricity used are quite reasonable, and they are worth the peace of mind you will get by knowing that your swimming pool ionizers are keeping your water pure and clean in a natural and safe manner. Gone are the chemical smells that cling to you and your clothes; gone are the stinging eyes. Treat your pool with copper pool ionization and see the difference for yourself.

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The Badu Swimjet System – Treadmill Swimming Pool

The Badu Swimjet System is an innovative jet-propulsion pump manufactured by Speck Pumps that has been designed to give swimmers the experience of taking an aqua aerobics class in their very own pool.

The pump should be installed using drills at the time a pool is constructed. The pump works to create a water-treadmill type effect by pumping water into the pool at a current rate of up to 5,000 gallons per minute. As it has been developed to be effective in pools of 13ft and over, it is perfect for those who would like to workout in the pool but whose pool is not long enough to accommodate laps. Swimming in place is made possible as the swimmer constantly pits him- or herself against the current and, once the swimmer has established the correct stroke rate to suit that particular current, it is a simple thing for him or her to continue at the chosen pace and stay in the same place. A further advantage is that the level of current that a swimmer experiences can be adjusted and can either be set at one specific level for the duration of the swim or can be set to become progressively stronger.

A Badu Swimjet System can be installed in any type of pool including the popular gunite and shotcrete pools, the vinyl lined in-ground pools and the poured-concrete pools, although the latter types are becoming increasingly rare. The pump installation unit is fitted flush with the wall, does not have any protruding pieces and comes with what Speck Pumps calls a ‘pulsating massage hose’ that can be attached to the water outlet so that controlled water flow can be directed to those areas of the body, including specific muscles or joints, that need special treatment.

People can benefit greatly from swimming and aqua-based exercises as water workouts can never cause the same level of joint strain that comes from repeated surface-based exercise programs. Another, and rather unexpected, advantage of the Badu Swimjet System is the exhilarating ‘river ride’ that children experience when playing in a pool fitted with such a pump.

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages. But there is a way to get even more exercise when in a pool: install a Badu Swim Jet System. This system can be installed during construction of your pool, no matter what the size or type, or it can be installed in your already existing pool. It is cost-efficient, and is installed carefully so there are no parts sticking out, causing an unsafe environment for swimmers.

Some people pay to have a pool put in, and then they pay more money for a treadmill, exercise bike, or another piece of exercise equipment. When the Badu Swim Jet System is installed, it is several pieces of exercise equipment in one. It works by shooting up to three streams of water into the pool that you can swim against for an extra work-out. It can be set at one, two, or three streams, and different intensities according to the kind of work-out you want. In a small pool, you can swim against the streams and experience the equivalent of swimming laps in a large pool.

In a large pool, the whole family can exercise together. Turns can be taken at the water stream, while others use the rest of the pool. Typically, a piece of exercise equipment that you buy is designed for one person. In that case, while one person is in the house on the treadmill, everyone else might be in the pool. With this system, you can turn the pool into a place where everyone’s exercise needs are met.

Do not wait any longer. Get your Badu Swim Jet System installed today.

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A garden gazebo will add a new dimension to your garden.Imagine being able to walk along the path between the koi pond and the flowers, the hedges and the willow tree, pausing to rest on a bench inside a gazebo.The benefits of a gazebo include its architectural beauty in natural surroundings not to mention the shade from the sun that it will provide.No matter what the environment of your garden, there is a garden gazebo out there just waiting to be bought.
In creating a garden gazebo, first choose your material from wood, metal, or vinyl options.Wood, be it pine, redwood or cedar wood are all popular in the world of garden gazebos, any of these woods will look beautiful alongside natural plants.If you are looking for a soft wood that will turn a rich yellow over time, then consider pine, it will complement evergreen trees perfectly.Cedar is higher in overall sturdiness, is less prone to rot, and ages to a gray-brown.If you want a really hardwearing wood that will retain it’s dark colour then redwood is the one for you.There are other alternative types of wood but these are generally the most common.

Metal gazebos come in cast aluminum or steel and wrought iron.Wrought iron and steel are the most hard wearing metals, they will stay a dark metallic colour.Many metal gazebos have open roofs so you will need to add in plants to provide shade, this is great for keen gardeners as you can manufacture the shade to change with the seasons.Gazebos made from vinyl are usually available in black or white.There is a number of different shapes and sizes to choose from for vinyl gazebos, as for wood and metal.Trellis walls will make the gazebo feel more cottage like.
You can always choose a gazebo that has enclosed walls if the climate warrants it.Depending on your environment, there are several different options for walls, you could have screens on selected sides, or walls on all four sides.
Whether looking to expand a large corporate garden or just to complement a small neighborhood plot, a garden gazebo is an inviting structure for rest, meditation, or meeting up with other people to enjoy the weather.

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outdoor kitchen

These articles will discuss how to build an Outdoor Kitchen. You should still go to work and do your job, this is not a how-to-build message. When I need medical attention I call the doctor and if you need an outdoor kitchen you should engage a professional. Knowing the design and location of your kitchen will often help with the decision of which builder to use. Many clients come to me and want an outdoor kitchen but have no idea how to make the necessary decisions that allow their desire to become a reality. If you know the design, the ability to judge the abilities of a contractor is much clearer then if you have no idea what to build.

Many clients come to us for an outdoor kitchen, grill island, summer kitchen, built in BBQ grill, etc without a specific idea of exactly what they want. There may be a space that could be utilized but nothing specific decided. Get a good grill and plenty of counter, a bar to sit guests, hang a cheap TV (outdoor televisions are not worth the money yet) and you have a tropical resort built in to your backyard.


When asked what type of built in grill they want most homeowners’ just mumble something non-committal. The overall design and the social enjoyment overshadow the details that will make or break the long term enjoyment of the home. However, the built in bbq grill and appliances are an integral part of the design. The grill is the primary focal point of the party. Location of the grill will determine where the refrigerator, side burner, access doors and sink belong. Serving space will determine where to put seating and seating will determine where to place other accessories like a built in ice bin, sink and refrigerator. Not all outdoor kitchens and bars will have a lot of built in accessories but they get a grill at least ninety percent of the time.


Built in gas grills are expensive. If the built in grill is too expensive but the outdoor kitchen project must be built, build the outdoor kitchen without a grill at all. If a lesser quality grill is necessary, leave it on wheels and build counter space to use in conjunction with the barbeque. What accessories will you use when you cook, mix drinks, play with the kids. Make the island comfortable to serve and to sit and be served. Keep a cart-grill that is portable and replaceable to use with the island or in a different area.


If I were only able to give one piece of advice regarding the selection of a built in grill it would be: do not go cheap. Because the grill is a necessity that is not the primary focus of the homeowners desire to have an outdoor kitchen, the option to purchase an imported grill-head from inferior manufacturers often arises. If the grill needs to e replaced, the structure may not fit a different brand or a newer model? Many imported grill manufacturers do not make replacement grill parts available and I have had clients who spent more on OEM grill parts than the original barbeque price. If a built ib BBQ grill does not fit the raw opening in the grill island it is not uncommon to have to demolish the entire structure.


The first question I usually ask a customer is “what do you cook?”. Almost everybody replies “everything” because in their mind they cook everything they eat and do not want to spend a bunch of money on a product with built-in limitations.. Grills have different abilities and even barbecues made to do "everything" will be better at one style of cooking than others. Does the homeowner cook? Do you cook fast and hot or slow with low temperatures? When I cook a Thanksgiving Turkey I’ll smoke the bird for nine hours at 185 degrees but day to day cooking and social functions I tend to grill mostly hamburgers, steaks and fish on the highest heat setting and fast. We cook at the same temperature and the same items more often than not.

Once the type of heat used is learned, the size of the built in grill can be determined. For instance an infrared grill that heats to 1400 degrees will cook a lot faster than a barbeque that must close the hood and wait for the temperature to rise to 400 degrees. The time necessary to reach a cooking temperature in a typical BBQ is enough time for an infrared grill to be done cooking! Grills with built in smokers, sear zones, rotisseries and blue flame burners combine many possible styles. There are built in charcoal barbecues and smokers and individual sear zones that can be built in to accentuate grilling when combined with a standard built in barbeque. Build it right and build it to last so it becomes a source of pleasure not a problem with constant replacements and repairs.


Finally look at the options and features available with the built in grills you consider. A variety of accessories are available with most built in grills that make them more versatile. Consider a grill with a lifetime warranty and then choose the most versatile product within the price range you have set. This should be the last BBQ grill you buy so make sure it will grow with your needs.


After choosing the right grill we have a starting point to design the rest of the outdoor kitchen by deciding what type of accessories to build in. Built in accessories include pull-out tank drawers, pull-out cutting board drawers, cubby holes, pantries, ice bins, refrigerators, ice machines, keg-erators and literally hundreds of additional choices. Years of experience designing and building have taught me to use high quality products. Outside the industry a door looks like any other access door but locating replacements is actually very difficult. Even if the sizes fit, the design will not look right without locating the same item being replaced.

Draw it on paper fast and rough with the actual dimensions of your space. Design the space around the grill and the built accessories you will use?


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