Just as with anything else, a hot tub needs its own supplies and accessories to help maintain it in smooth, top working order. Sometimes you’ll have to replace larger pieces, such as a hose or a jet. Other hot tub supplies you’ll want to have around on a more consistent basis, and those include cleansers, water sanitizing products to keep the water clean and spare filter gaskets. 

You can think of a hot tub like a swimming pool, with the only differences in operation being that a hot tub is heated and it has jets. Hot tubs are becoming more widespread, as they are used for hydrotherapy in hospitals and nursing homes and continue to be popular for home use. Hot tubs can be permanently installed or now can be purchased as inflatable hot tubs which can be placed anywhere you choose. Hot tubs aren’t tricky to own or operate, but it’s important to know about proper care and maintenance techniques that will make your investment continue to run like new. 


You need to be able to clean your hot tub, and not just any household cleanser will do. A cleaning solution needs to be able to sanitize the materials without scratching any surfaces or causing other harsh abrasions. Hot tubs need to be cleaned at regular intervals throughout the year and so it’s important to always have the proper cleaning solutions handy. 

Hot tub cover

Pools only need to be covered up at the end of the season, but hot tubs need to be covered up all the time when they aren’t being used. A hot tub cover can guard against dirt and bacteria getting into the water, along with other debris if it is outside in your yard. But a cover will also protect against children trying to enter without adult supervision. As a safety precaution and a way to keep the hot tub clean, hot tub covers are essential. 

Water treatment

It’s of the utmost importance to keep the water in the hot tub clean and sanitary. You can use chlorine tablets, which are also used in larger pools, to kill off harmful bacteria. A water testing kit that shows various levels of potentially harmful chemicals or bacteria is important so you can be completely positive that the water is safe for you and any other users. 

Replacement Parts

If the heater goes on your hot tub, there is no need to get a new hot tub.  You can simply get a replacement heater for the make and model hot tub that you have.   In addition to a replacement heater, you should be apprised of all of the replacement parts that may be needed for the hot tub. 

Knowing the hot tub supplies you will need to use and have handy ahead of time will make your life as a hot tub owner much easier. Hot tubs have many benefits and it takes only a minimal amount of care and maintenance to get the most out of your product.

To protect your outdoor patio furniture it is a wise choice to invest in patio furniture covers. You want your outdoor living space to be a comfortable area that is also appealing to the eye. If you don’t protect your outdoor furniture it will become faded and not as attractive and inviting. You should choose your covers based on the type of weather conditions in your area.

There are patio furniture covers that are made of different materials and made to protect furniture in different weather conditions. If you live in an area with a lot of precipitation you will want to choose a cover that is water repellent and dries quickly. If you live in a colder region which get lots of snow you want a patio cover that is made of exceptionally tough material. You want a cover that will resist tears, fading and also dries quickly.

If you live in a very sunny climate you will want to purchase patio furniture covers that have material that is UV protected. The sun can do a lot of damage to your outdoor furniture. Covers should prevent fading and block UV rays.

Another important thing to look for when you are buying patio furniture covers is how easy they are to put on or take off. You want covers that can easily be taken off when you entertain and are simple to place back on when you are not using your outdoor space. You also want to choose covers that fit secure and will stay in place. If the covers do not fasten securely they can blow around in windy conditions and could tear.

It is important to measure your patio tables, chairs, and chaises so that you can get covers that are specifically designed for your patio furniture. You have to measure the dimensions so you will get covers that will give your furniture maximum protection from the elements. There are covers that are made to fit a variety of types and styles of outdoor furniture. You can find covers to fit any shape of outdoor table including round, oval and rectangular. There are covers that are designed to fit over outdoor chairs and even chaise lounge covers. If your outdoor living area includes a sofa or loveseat there are covers to protect them also.

Besides your patio furniture you will also want to protect your outdoor grill with a patio cover. Just like with the furniture you have to make sure you measure the dimensions of your grill or BBQ to get the right cover to protect it. You should also invest in covers for your patio umbrella to protect it from fading.

Patio furniture covers have came along way from when they were first introduced and were made of plastic or vinyl. You can now get outdoor furniture covers made of sturdy materials that are also colorful and appealing to the eye. There are many colors and coordinated collections to choose from. Your patio furniture can be just as attractive when it is covered as when it is not.