Three Types of Swimming Pool Heaters – A Cost-Benefit Analysis

As it gets colder and summer makes way for autumn, many people long for one more swim in the pool or a nice relaxing evening surrounded by water. However, the chill in the air can translate into a freezing-cold swimming pool, which effectively ruins that longing. This is why swimming pool heaters were invented. Just like jumping into cool water in the sweltering heat of summer feels so nice, so too does slipping into a warm pool to escape the nip of fall or winter. There are three major types of swimming pool heaters to choose from to heat up your pool. Each has its pros and cons, its difficulties and its benefits.

The first type, the gas-powered swimming pool heater, requires a propane tank or a natural gas hookup. These are typically used at spas, as they keep the water at a constant temperature. Want 90°F water in the midst of a snowstorm? Gas swimming pool heaters can provide. The principle behind the gas heater is the same as the principle behind your furnace and home heating system – burn the gas and spread the gas heat all over the pool to heat up the water. The only problem with the gas heater is its cost. Aside from the initial steep price, it takes a lot of propane or natural gas to maintain the 85-90°F temperature through the whole pool. That translates to a high cost to your wallet. Still, if you’re willing to spend the money on a daily basis, or if you only heat your pool occasionally, gas heaters are the best you can buy.

The second type, the electric heat pump, is a less expensive and less effective swimming pool heater. If you just want to extend the swimming season a few months, already live in a warm climate, or only want the water a little bit warmer, the electric heat pump is the way to go. Electric swimming pool heaters work by pumping in the surrounding air, heating it up, then transferring that heat directly to the water in the pool. As a result, it can only produce heat that’s slightly warmer than the temperature of the air. Electric heat pumps are typically quite inexpensive, both as an initial purchase and on a daily basis.

The third type of swimming pool heater, the solar heater, uses the sun’s heat to warm your swimming pool. It is also a pump, but instead of heating air to heat the water, it heats the water from the swimming directly by pumping it through a heating device kept warm by constant sunlight. This is far and away the cheapest way to heat the swimming pool, as it doesn’t require gas and only a marginal amount of electricity to pump the pool water through the heater. Of course, the downside to solar swimming pool heaters is that they are only useful on clear, sunny days, during the daytime. Solar heaters are among the cheapest to buy and put together, and are best for the casual pool user who doesn’t need to swim at night or in cloudy weather.

To bring it all together, here are the costs and benefits of each type of swimming pool heater: Gas heaters are the most expensive, most powerful, and most reliable. Electric heat pumps are less expensive and less powerful. Solar heaters are the least expensive, most environmentally friendly, but tend to be unusable in a lot of conditions. Your choice on which swimming pool heater you purchase depends on your climate, your swimming habits, and the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

Now is the perfect time to search for the perfect landscape design, before you know it, spring will be here.Regardless of the location of your garden, you must plan the design before you begin the project.Some people enjoy a vegetable garden, while others relax in front of their flower garden; but if you want to be the talk of the town, choose a Japanese garden design.

Before you decide on creating a Japanese home organic garden design, there are essential elements that must be considered prior.  You must frame the view, include interesting textures, water, Asian looking plants, stone and gravel, and much more.A Japanese style landscape design would not be complete without these being included. 

Let’s discuss for a minute the water to be included in your garden.If you are looking to "complete" your garden design; you will have to use the may moods of water.  One idea is to have a little pond with lily pads near your garden; another would be to include a waterfall that drops into a small pond that is inhabited with some Koi fish. 

Take the time to research all there is to know about the home organic garden design you are looking to create so that you have optimal success.  Take a few hours to research what it is you want to do, and you will be satisfied with your end result.Research your project thoroughly and obtain all necessary supplies before starting the physical leg of the project.

Plan every detail of the design, so you are completely prepared, right down to the minute details of which plants will be placed adjacent to each other.  Some plants will flourish and compliment each other, while others will flop if placed next to each other.If you have trouble relaxing, and need a great hobby, gardening is perfect. 

If you are a beginner, you will want to start with a basic landscaping design to allow yourself to grow into your new gardening skills.  If you make it difficult, and the landscape design fails, you will most likely not attempt to create another design.Allow yourself and your home organic garden time to flourish by heeding these simple suggestions.

Home Organic Gardening is a quickly growing trend with costs rising, and so many people losing their incomes.  You can have a beautiful Home Organic Garden that you can be proud of. 

You Need a Swimming Pool Heater Even In Florida

Living in the south you might think you have no need for a heater for your swimming pool. The weather is warm enough for me to swim for most of the year, you think, if there are a few weeks that it is too cold to swim I can live with that. However, getting a heater for your swimming pool can ensure that you and your family not only get proper exercise all year but a heater can also prevent costly damages from occurring to your pool in the event of an abnormally cold winter. You can find great deals on heaters and the benefits of having one make a heater a valuable investment.

Staying fit in the winter can be difficult. Even if you live in the relatively temperate climate of the south, those chilly days can make you want to curl up inside your home instead of going to work out. If you install a swimming pool heater and swim regularly in your home pool, you can cancel your gym membership and save money over the long-term. You will even save money on the gas you would have used going back and forth to the gym. Having a way to get exercise without leaving your property can be a great motivator. Additionally, swimming is one of the most enjoyable ways to exercise. Although you are burning a lot of calories and getting plenty of cardio, you will not feel physically worn out like you do when you complete a traditional gym work-out. Swimming is also much easier on your joints. If high-impact exercise is not an option for you, swimming in your own, warm pool can be a great way to get plenty of exercise this winter without damaging your body.

Making sure that your child gets enough exercise to stay fit and healthy can be hard. Kids love to swim, of course, but if your pool is chilly your child will not want to swim for very long. If you do not have a swimming pool heater and your child swims when the water is too cold, your child could easily get an ear infection or cold. With the proper swimming pool heaters installed, however, your child can swim happily and healthily. The more comfortable your swimming pool’s water is, the longer your child will stay in the pool and the more exercise he or she will get. Your pool might even become the neighborhood hot spot, filled with your child’s happy, splashing friends.

Swimming pool heaters can prevent costly damage to your home swimming pool. If you live in a region where a freeze is extremely rare, you might think you do not need to worry about your swimming pool during the winter months. However, even in the warmest areas of the country, freak freezes do occur. If you keep your pool open and there is a freeze in your area, even small amounts of ice can damage your swimming pool’s delicate filters and pumps. Buying a heater, even if you keep it on a very low setting, can keep you from needing costly repairs done on your pool system.

Having your own swimming pool can be extremely enjoyable. If you have a heater that keeps the water in your pool pleasant, you can enjoy your swimming pool even more. You went to the expense of having your own swimming pool installed. You should make sure you can take advantage of your purchase all year round. Even in the south, a swimming pool heater can allow you to use your pool comfortably in all seasons.

It is difficult to visualize just what your landscaping will look like when it is completed while your are in the design fence.  One way to alleviate the stress of designing your next landscaping project is to look at pictures of other completed gardens.  You can find many ideas in various home improvement and outdoor living magazines. 

These pictures are taken in optimal conditions of perfect weather and the flowers in full bloom.  It is important to consider the climate in the area where there bed is located to determine if it is suitable for your own home organic garden.  If the flowers you plant are not optimal for your climate, your flowers will not bloom for as long or as full as the one in the pictures.

The scene in the picture is beautiful, do you have enough space at your location for that design.  Some are placed around patios and swimming pools, which you may not have the room for.Make sure you have the space for any tree you plant when they have grown to their full size.

You should try to find matching house sizes to your own when deciding on a landscape design.  If the picture shows a large landscape design around a large home with a lot of acreage, and you live in a small home without a large amount of acreage, your home organic garden will not look the same. 

You can utilize landscaping software to create luxurious landscaping plans.  Once you create the perfect design there, you can print it and take it with you to the garden center.  This will allow you to ensure that you get an ample amount of plants and flowers for your new bed. 

You never know, once your perfect home organic garden has been created, you mind find you have less energy costs and the value of your home will certainly increase too.You will need to maintain your landscaping after the initial planting, so make sure you can handle what is necessary to maintain the site.  You may also want to consider adding focal points to your property such as decks or small ponds to develop your landscape designs further. 

Create your perfect Home Organic Garden now, we have loads of information available.  If you have been wanting the perfect landscape design for your Home Organic Garden, let’s get started now. 

Lots of easy landscaping ideas for the yard and garden can be done in just one weekend. You may have recently moved into a new home or have lived at the same location for many years and decide the yard needs a little pizazz.

Take your time and plan out your yard. Look online for landscaping ideas and visit your local home improvement center. Maybe you have been to a friend’s home and liked what they had done. Something as easy as painting the fence and adding a few flowers can do wonders and just take a day.

Measure the space you want to redesign. Put the dimensions on paper. Include the part of your house facing the yard with doors and windows noted. Layout where you would like to have a garden or play area or possibly a water feature.

Yes, you can install a water feature in just one weekend and with minimal cost if you are willing to do a little digging and move a few large rocks into place. Have a barbecue and invite a few of your friends over to help. There are pond and waterfall kits available that are easy to install.

Visit your local home and garden center to find out which plants flourish in your particular area. Easy care, high payoff perennials are wonderful because you can count on them to return every year without much attention. This will save you money in replanting every year.

Easy care, low maintenance plants and construction materials is what you should look for if you do not want to be chained to your backyard. Most of us want a place to barbecue and entertain but don’t like the raking, weeding, trimming etc.

The key to landscaping is to not be afraid to try something new. Not all yards need to have a grassy area. Grass is so high maintenance. Try using different types of rock and paver for pathways and sitting areas. The visual interest will be heightened with plants of different sizes, shapes and colors.

Landscaping ideas for the yard and garden you can do yourself are very rewarding. Anybody can write a check to a landscape architect but only a few can accomplish a back or front yard landscaping project themselves. It will be your own creation designed by your imagination.