Isn’t it cool to be an owner of a solar flagpole light? I still remember the first time I saw a flag with the flashing light of a solar flagpole light. The only thing I could say was, waaaw! I remember the discussions we had at home when it came to our electricity bills. I asked my parents to have a flagpole light but the answer was negative. A few years later they invented a solar flagpole light. Guess what, I got one.

As fine as it sounds, a cheaper electricity bill does a lot of good to your household. You may look at solar flagpole light as something that is not essential but the truth is solar flagpole lights will add quite a lot to your kids fantasy and satisfaction at the end of the day. So how do you satisfy your kids while getting away with a huge electricity bill?

When we look back in the past we had no choice. We had to pay expensive bills. But now, solar lights are invented and we can get lost in our fantasy.

When you think that we can only use a solar flagpole light in our house, then you are wrong. Look at the business organization buildings. They also use solar flagpole lights. Imagine the Olympics! There are hundreds of flags flying all over the stadium representing every country of the earth. Whether you like a solar flagpole light or not, one thing is for sure, it saves you a lot of money.

Although you may not perceive a solar flagpole light as an essential item that should be there in every home or office, they come in handy almost every time you need a flag, or any other thing displayed outside of your premises. Although, a  solar flagpole light comes with a one time investment, it is done all in good deed for future advantages. What’s more? The solar flagpole lights are designed to withstand any climatic condition. Therefore you don t need to worry about covering it or mounting it in a safe place.

A few things that you may want to check while shopping for a solar light is whether it is water resistant, can easily be mounted and of course the warranty period offered.

Andy Belcot is the editor and webmaster of 

A site with clear information about Solar Lights.



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There are a great deal of individuals these days that are interested in garden ponds, and they are looking for tips to help them make their garden pond look better.  There are lots of different resources that have ideas on building garden ponds that beginners can use and a lot of them will have simple tips that most anybody that’s interested in putting together a garden pond should follow.  Any person can become an expert in pond creation in a very short time you simply by learning some basic principles that go along with building a garden pond.

The Placement Of The Pond

One of the most important things you should do before you begin building a garden pond is to know all about the items you are considering putting in the pond and around it.  Many people do not realize that different plants have different maintenance needs and will purchase any plants that look good at the moment.  Another mistake that many people typically make is to plant the plants in the wrong type of soil and water without knowing the difference.  Invariably this will end up in all of your plants dying and will cause the cost of your project to rise exponentially because you will have to replace all of the plants that you just planted.

Another important tip to build a garden pond is to make sure that the area that the pond is being placed in will have all of the things that are needed for the plants and any fish that are introduced into the pond to survive.  The instructions for the maintenance of the pond will list what can be placed in the area and how to keep the pond in peak condition.  Even experts may benefit from reading the instructions for the pond kit that they choose to use to build a garden pond so that they know what they need to do to keep the pond healthy.

Planning The Design Of The Garden Pond

An important tip to build a garden pond is to be cautious while choosing the area for the garden pond.  Whether you’re wanting to put the pond in the front yard or the backyard doesn’t really matter. What matters is how much sunlight the chosen area receives as this will be the determining factor in how the plants and fish fare.  Most plants do best in areas with lots of light during the day and that is open to the rains.   By checking to see if the area is too shaded or too dry before placing the plants in the area, the person will be saving a lot of time and will increase the rate of survival for the plants around the pond.

It is not difficult to build a garden pond using beginner’s tips, all that you need to do is take the time to learn about all the different varieties of garden ponds before you set about making your own.  Learning basic techniques to build a garden pond can go a long way towards answering any questions that the person may have about how to care for their garden pond. Just by simply following a few easy tips, you will find that building a garden pond can be an easier project than you ever dreamed.


If you would like more information on installing a garden pond then visit

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Roses are really one of the simplest flowers to grow and will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.  There is a full collection of roses to decide upon.  Mainly there are three important steps to  rose care.  First, is rose bush choice, second, is how much water and fertilizer, and finally, apprpriate pruning.  If you don’t have a good book on rose bush care may I recommend The Ultimate Book of Roses.  It will list names of various roses and which ones are the hardiest with great photos.

The type of rose bush you select is of utmost importance.  Depending on where you live and how much sun your yard gets each day will determine which variety will survive easily.  Some types can be problematic due to their tendancy towards disease and fungus.  On the other hand their are certain roses that can withstand a bit of abuse so to speak.  When planting your rose bush give it plenty of space to grow, generally, 3 feet around is a good rule of thumb. They will require at least 5 hours of sunshine so plant them in an area you know will accommodate that need.

A main consideration is watering and feeding for taking care of roses. An early morning soaking at the root base is the best prescription for ultimate bloom potential.  If it is a newly planted rose bush it should be well soaked everyday for at least the first couple of weeks.  Once a week watering is good unless you see that it seems to be drying out quickly.  Enable to keep the ground around your roses wet and weed free surround the bush with some type of mulch.

Once Spring arrives feed and fertilize and then repeat once a month after that until Fall.  Find a good rose food at your local nursery with which to feed your roses. It is not recommended to feed or fertilize during the cold winter months.   

For the best rose bush care proper pruning is vital.  Just prune off the dead flowers or limbs.  Trim the dead flowers or flowers you want to put in a vase leavng two to three inches that include three nodes. During the first two months of the year, cut back your roses to about two feet.

For more detailed information The Ultimate Book of Roses will definitely answer all your questions.

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What will you do to keep your landscape healthy and green? You can realize the factors behind making the landscape healthy and fresh. Here are some landscape tips for you which will help you achieve your results.

Using Sprinkler Heads:

1. It’s very important to adjust the sprinkler heads properly so that they do not spray sidewalks, driveways or walls. Otherwise, it can be a waste of water.

2. You should set them so that they can facilitate head-to-head coverage. Meaning that the spray of your one sprinkler should reach the head of the nearby sprinkler.

3. You could level all your sprinkler heads to grade so that you could prevent spray blockage.

Using Nozzles and Irrigation Clocks:

4. You can use the most efficient nozzles and irrigation clocks to get the desired results.

5. You should adjust your irrigation clock seasonally. Also you have to observe some watering restrictions.

Checking Your Irrigation System:

6. You can check your sprinkler system on weekly basis. If you discover some missing or broken sprinklers, then you should immediately replace with new alternatives.

7. Check the drip line once in a month. This will help you make out whether there are breaks in the line or emitter clogs.

Using Drip Irrigation System:

8. Low-flow or drip irrigation are efficient watering option you can choose for irrigation trees and shrubs. The main benefit of this system is to offer water straight to the root level and so benefits in maintaining moisture level.

9. Using drip irrigation less frequently is better for plants than daily watering.

You know that diverse plants and shrubs need different level of irrigation. And so, your choice of irrigation system can also vary. You can prepare your irrigation task bearing in mind the moisture level, shade and the climatic condition. You may water the areas in the shade something around 30-35 % less than the sunny areas.

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A tree may need tree pruning for a spread of reasons : to get rid of sick or storm-damaged branches to thin the crown to allow new expansion and better air movement to reduce the height of a tree to get rid of obstructing lower branches to shape a tree for design purposes Once the choice has been made to prune, your next decision is whether or not to take on the job yourself. In the case of a huge tree where you need to remove big branches in the higher area of the crown, it may be best to hire experts. Large tree pruning, particularly, can need climbing and heavy saws or even cherry-pickers and chain saws. However there are new tools available that may make this a manageable job. ( Click here for more. )

Targeting a Pruning Cut

Whether the tree is large or small, the secret is to prune the unwanted branch while defending the stem or trunk wood of the tree. Some companies providing affordable tree services are the best and the most viable option to choose. Tree branches grow from stems at nodes and pruning always happens on the branch side of a stem-branch node. Branches and stems are separated by a lip of tissue called a stem collar which grows out from the stem at the base of the branch. All pruning cuts should be made on the branch side of this stem collar. This protects the stem and the other branches that might be growing from it. It also permits the tree to heal more effectively after the prune. To stop ripping of the bark and stem wood, especially in the case of bigger branches, use the following process : Three steps to pruning huge branches. 1. Make a tiny wedge shaped cut on the underside of the branch just on the branch side of the stem collar. This could break the bark at that point and forestall a tear from running along the bark and stem tissue. two. Somewhat farther along the branch, beginning at the head of the branch, cut all of the way thru the branch leaving a stub end. three. Eventually, make a third cut parallel to and just on the branch side of the of the stem collar to scale back the length of the stub as much as is possible. A similar procedure is used in pruning one of 2 branches ( or one large branch and a stem ) joined together in a ‘u’ or ‘v’ crotch. These are the best affordable tree removal services in edmonton that can make your garden look more attractive.

This is commonly known as a drop crotch cut. Make the first nick cut on the bottom of the branch you are pruning well up from the crotch. For the second cut, cut completely through the branch from within the crotch well up from the ridge of bark joining the two branches. Ultimately, to shorten the remaining stub, make the third cut just to one side of the branch bark ridge and roughly parallel to it. Should I Seal the Wound? Trees naturally close injuries resulting from branch removal, so ideally, pruning injuries should get left to close without any assistance from you. Also, since most pruning should be done in late fall or winter, insects shouldn’t be much of a problem. However there exist some circumstances when it is preferable to seal the wound with a non-asphalt-based pruning sealer such as Tanglefoot Latex Pruning Sealer. Particularly, you need to seal pruning injuries on trees that are at the mercy of damaging insect infestation such as birch, oak, and elm trees.

Also, if the weather is very dry, a pruning sealer will help the tree keep more moisture. When to Prune For most trees, the quiescent season, late fall or winter, is the perfect time to prune though dead branches can and should be removed at any point. Pruning during the dormant period minimizes sap loss and successive stress to the tree. It also minimizes the risk of fungus infection or insect infestation as both fungi and insects are probably going to be in dormancy at the same time as the tree. Ultimately, in the case of deciduous trees, pruning when the leaves are off will give you a better idea of how your pruning will affect the form of the tree. Some fruiting and flourishing trees should be pruned at other times of the year, depending on whether they flower on the previous year’s growth or not.

After pruning, it is often a good idea to give the tree a good fertilizing so the tree can naturally close the pruning wounds and to cut back the stress placed on the tree. The TreeHelp annual Care Kit is an excellent manure program to boost the overall health of the tree after pruning. don’t prune more that 25% of a tree’s branches. When deciding how much to prune a tree, as little as possible is usually the best rule of thumb. For more expert guidance, see Herford’s Tree Care, Inc. website.

All prunes place stress on a tree and increase its vulnerability to illness and insects. Never prune more than 25% of the crown and ensure that living branches compose at least 2/3 of the peak of the tree. Pruning more risks fatally causing damage to your tree. In a number of cases, storm damage, height reduction to avoid crowding application lines or perhaps raising the crown to meet civil bylaws, your pruning choices are made for you. But even in these examples, prune as little as you can get away with.

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