Garden owners are always anxious to begin working on their lawn when the grass turns green. With just the right amount of patience, they will enjoy a fine lawn in the months to follow.

The appearance of new grass rings many gardeners out with their fertilizer so that they can give their young blades  the nutrients that they need to flourish. Most people like to use organic fertilizers because it is the most common and recommended practice for fescue and bluegrass lawns. Not only is it healthy for the soil, it is also healthy for the environment in general.

Most generally the fall is the proper time to apply organic fertilizer to your lawn. This is when the roots sustain the plants until summer. You can still put the fertilizer on in the spring though if you miss it in the fall. The amount of nutrients in the organic fertilizer must be a half pound of nitrogen for every 1000 sq. ft.

Another organic product that you can use on your lawn is lime. After the spring soil tests is when most people put this on their lawn. There are a lot of different grass types that have their best growth whenever you can get the soil pH between 6.0 and 7.0. The garden owner must have his soil analyzed every 2 to 3 years. The results from the soil tests determine how much lime must be applied.

If you wish to hold and control the growth of crabgrass, then you are going to want to use pre-emergent organic herbicides between the months of March and April. Every once in a while crabgrass will emerge, but you can get the best of it and control it with organic herbicides. If your crabgrass has already started growing though however it won’t affect it. Because of this the best time that you need to apply the herbicide is one the crabgrass is just sprouting.

Most of your fertilizer spraying is done during the fall.Many people like to spray their weed killer during this time as well. You need to make sure that the weeds are growing though before you do spray that. During the drought, spray when the weeds are growing.

Whenever you are applying herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides, you need to make sure that you use a different sprayer for each one. It is vitally important to make sure that you mark your sprayers according to what is in them and accurately. Mixing these organic lawn care products with one another can damage the plants because of the residue.

Insect control isn’t always a big worry in early March, but it is vital for you to take care of your lawn during the early spring. If your lawn didn’t get fed in the fall, then you can make up for it during the spring.

If you would like to read more on organic gardening and simple oganic lawn care, then now is the time. Start gearing up for the fall and the time to prepare that lawn for those long winter months.

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Steps to Cleaning a Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are great additions to homes because they call families outdoors to play, swim, splash, and have lots of fun. Though being an owner of a pool comes with its responsibilities. One of these main responsibilities is cleaning the pool thoroughly and regularly. And, cleaning does not only encompass particle removing; one also must add chemicals to the pool so that it does not only look clean, but is microscopically.

The various steps to cleaning a swimming pool are not that difficult. As long as the owner maintains a schedule of cleaning and maintaining the pool throughout the week, especially during the summer, he/she will not be stuck doing a complete cleaning job. Therefore, maintenance is key; failing to regularly clean the pool will result in a toxic-looking mess that will spend hours to bring back to a normal level of cleanliness. To clean a pool, you will need the following materials:

Leaf Skimmer – This tool has a long handle with a net on the end to skim out particles.

Pool Vacuum – A pool specialized pool vacuum sucks up dirt from the pool floor.

Floor and Wall Brush – This brush is used to bust out caked on dirt on the sides and bottom of the pool.

Tile Brush – This is a smaller, hand-held brush that is used to get into small corners; it’s perfect for tile grout.

Algae Brush – Unlike a standard floor and wall brush, the algae brush is made of stainless steel to knock out algae from the sides of pools with walls made of plaster.

Outside of the aforementioned tools, the pool owner should have a clean filter, efficient pump, and adequate supply of water. Before attempting to clean the swimming pool, it is important to ensure all mechanisms are in place and clear of debris or any other obstructions. Although some, especially those cleaning the pool for the first time in a long time, empty the pool before cleaning it. Though this makes for adequate cleaning, it is not necessary. Emptying the pool makes sense only when it is extremely dirty and has not been cared for in a while. However, if you’re dealing with a particularly dirty pool and need to dispose of debris or waste, you can rent a dumpster from services like Dumposaurus Dumpsters & Rolloff Rental. The simple steps to cleaning a swimming pool when it is full of water are:

1. Skim out all larger debris (or anything else that does not belong) with the Leaf Skimmer. Anything that is still on the surface must be scooped out before moving on to the proceeding steps. If there is any debris, leaves, or other sediments on the bottom, you should try and move them a little bit with the skimmer and see if they float up; if they do, scoop them up and remove them from the pool – it will make the rest of the steps easier.

2. Take whichever brush you choose to use, depending on the spots and type of pool, and scrub the side walls and bottom of the pool. If any debris has floated to the top during this process, scoop it out with the Leaf Skimmer.

3. Turn on and power the pool vacuum; most come with an attachment for the hose faucet. With this type of pool vacuum, simply attach a hose and turn the water on; the force of the water actually powers the vacuum. Before placing the vacuum down into the water and on the pool floor, make sure the net to catch the dirt is on all the way. Simple pass over the floor evenly with the pool vacuum moving slowly as to keep the vacuum head to the floor of the pool.

4. After you have vacuumed, it is time to recheck the filter and make sure there is no new debris that has collected while you were cleaning. If there is, remove it.

5. Now you will need to clean the pool chemically to ensure the proper PH levels are to be present before people swim. This is very important and the owner should make sure the mixture is correct. If the pool has a bad odor, it might be necessary to shock the pool by adding a larger than normal dose of chlorine. Whichever way you slice it, the pool levels must be as follows:

– Free chlorine, ppm = 2.0-4.0

– PH = 7.2-7.8

– Alkalinity, ppm = 80-100 (when using hypo lithium chlorine)
= 100-120 (when using gas, dichlor, trichlor, or bromide types)

– Calcium Hardness = 200-400

– Cyanuric Acid = 30-50

You can take these readers yourself as long as you have the right diagnostic tools. However, there are many stores that carry different chemical compounds to help you achieve the proper levels in a swimming pool; these stores can also test samples of your pool water and advise you on exactly what you need to add. The steps to Swimming Pool Cleaning are not difficult; anyone can do it. The key is always regular maintenance to avoid having to clean for longer periods of time.

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Can Concrete Pools Improve The Value Of Your Home?

If you take on projects around the home, you can definitely increase its value. One of the best investments you can make is to install a concrete pool. This will no doubt improve the value of your home. Not only is a concrete pool something that you and your loved ones can take advantage of during the summer and on hot days, but it’s something that can make everything from investing in a second mortgage to selling your home that much more fruitful. The following are just some of the many reasons behind why concrete pools improve the value of a person’s home.

A concrete pool is a major investment: not only is it one of the most valuable pools out there, but it is something that will take a great deal of construction, planning, and money to install. After all, this is a pool that is in-the-ground: You have to not only dig in your yard but will also have to pour concrete. The time it takes to install such a pool is definitely worth it because it can add a lot of value to your home. After all, the more work you put into your home and the more work you put into the pool, the higher each will be worth.

Concrete pools are seen as solid investments because they are something made to last. Not only this, but they are something that people of all ages and backgrounds can use. For example, newlyweds are sure to enjoy this feature to a home because it means more fun and entertaining options. Additionally, large families are sure to enjoy having a concrete pool because it ensures hours upon hours of entertainment for parents, their children, and the rest of the family. Thus, by adding concrete pools to a home, the home then becomes that much more valuable because it makes it alluring to all types of people and families. Thus, adding a pool broadens the market for your home if you ever choose to sell it.

And of course, if you live in a warm area of the world, it pays to invest in a concrete pool because this makes daily life that much easier. Thus, if you are considering selling your home or using your home as collateral on a loan, investing in a pool is a smart idea in such climates. In fact, it can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home, especially if you invest in a pool that is made to last. Always take the time to look into the demands of local buyers when upgrading your home or taking on projects like a pool. This way, you can be sure that your home is worth as much as possible so that you and your family can continue to prosper.

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Tips of lawn care are always prevalent, whether they are for the winter, fall, summer, or spring. One of the most difficult seasons for lawn care is fall, and so everyone should take the time to learn some fall lawn care tips. This is so you are well informed and are not struggling through each fall, not sure what to do. The following are some important lawn care tips to consider:


Aeration is one of the most important things to do in the fall, and so this is one of the best fall lawn care tips that you will ever get. If you forget to do this, then in the spring when you go to start your gardening and yard care, you are not going to have as much success and get the results that you were hoping for. So this is a step that you are not going to want to miss.

One of your top priorities with you lawn is if the soil is very compact, this will need to be addressed as soon as possible.


Another of the most important green lawn care tips has to do with fertilization. There are special fertilizers that are for use in the fall only, and so you know that you are getting the best results when you choose these fertilizers for the fall season. Fertilizers with a slow release are going to be very beneficial for the care of your lawn especially next spring, so this type is highly recommended.

There are so many people, even lawn care professionals, who do not know how important proper fertilization is, and this is one step that is definitely going to pay off when you start your gardening the next spring season.

A lot of people do not realize that there are different lawn care tips you should be learning for each different season, and these are just examples of the best fall lawn care tips, what you should know for yard and lawn care in the fall season.

There are so many different things that are important to learn about when it comes to yard and lawn care any time of the year, and taking the time to do research and learn up on these things is going to be to your benefit.

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The engineered wicker patio furniture sets created today is just as durable as most other patio furniture made of different types of materials. Today there are lots of wicker patio furniture made of resin that not only look like the real thing but can withstand heat, cold and rain and look.

Wicker patio furniture is available in a variety of shades and colors that would satisfy almost any taste. One of the advantages of wicker patio furniture is that it is strong yet light enought that it easy to relocate. It is also easy to clean by hitting with a garden hose and tough stains can be removed with a gentle detergent and light scrubbing with a soft bristle brush.

Wicker patio furniture is chosen by families who want to give a tropical feel to their outdoor patio space. Some use a wicker-metal hybrid in their furniture for additional durability against rough treatment.

Real Wicker Needs Tender Loving Care

Real wicker patio furniture should not be left outside in inclement weather as the material is not designed for extended exposure to the elements. Actual wicker patio furniture requires a lot more protective care when it is allowed to be outdoors all year. The wicker will last longer if it is protected with patio cushions or stored indoors during inclement weather conditions.

Often wicker patio furniture makers will coat the wicker with a protective paint to prolong its life. For the usual light brown look of wicker, a coating of clear protective material may also be used. In either case, once the homeowner gets it  home, they will have to perform regular inspections and maintenance on the wicker patio furniture to keep it looking as good as new.

The most common complaint of those who own wicker patio furniture is the prospect of getting splinters from the ends of the wood when it begins to split. The homeowner can buy some time by spreading a clear epoxy to the fraying ends.

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