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The decision to purchase a swimming pool is merely the first step to a major undertaking for any homeowner. There are many choices available and equally many things to consider when contemplating what style pool should be installed. As with any other home addition, great thought should be given and it should reflect the unique personality and characteristics of the property. There are several things to include in the thought processes that will ultimately end up in an amazing swimming pool design.

In designing a swimming pool, special attention should be paid to the estimated cost. The budget for the project must take things into account such as the quality of materials. There are many different components that a pool requires, and the prices vary widely. An prospective pool owner should also inquire about warranties, particularly ones covering materials and craftsmanship. Before beginning the project, a homeowner must decide what an appropriate budget will be, and then strive to design accordingly.

Location and landscaping should play a major role in the decisions regarding swimming pool design. Some backyards will require extensive preparation work, such as those with sloping hills or massive trees with deep root systems. If there are any difficult tasks required to make the area ready, the cost could be significantly higher. The swimming pool design itself may also need to be altered. For example, some homeowners take advantage of a sloping backyard and create a multi-level pool with its own tier system. Landscaping that is already in place can sometimes be utilized for privacy and style, and this can greatly decrease the overall cost. If there is no landscaping in place, keep in mind that the budget will have to allow for these expenses.

Swimming pool designs can include many different types of features, and these can completely alter the overall surrounding environment. For example, one popular addition is a waterfall accompanied by a large rock structure. Lighting also comes in many different styles, and some swimming pool designs even incorporate the use of fiber optics for even more appeal.

The purpose of the pool also weighs heavily on the swimming pool design. For example, some are created for exercise and have features such as resistance jets. Others are meant for relaxation and have tranquil lighting and a relaxing atmosphere. Then there is the most popular purpose, which is usually for family use. A family pool may have other features such as a basketball goal, volleyball net, or even an increased shallow end with lower water levels for young children.

The many options swimming pool designs can feature is virtually unlimited, and if you can think of it they can build it. After much time is spent making sure that the new addition is truly perfect, you’ll need a great place to relax. What better place than next to your brand new pool?

If you’ve decided to get a swimming pool, you probably have an idea of the type of pool you want and how much money you want to spend on your investment. After all, pools not only add value to your home but they provide years of enjoyment as well. What you may not realize is that swimming pools vary with design and quality and only those shoppers who are savvy will get the best swimming pool prices. In this brief article, we will provide you with informative tips on obtaining the best swimming pool price for your money. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

1. Contact several companies. Although you are probably somewhat aware of the prices of swimming pools, it makes sense to get quotes from numerous pool companies. This way, you can make sure that you are actually being charged a reasonable rate for the swimming pool. After all, some companies will actually inflate swimming pool prices in order to receive more profits. They don’t care about their customers and are hoping and praying that naive customers won’t do their market research to know that the swimming pool prices have been inflated. They are hoping that these customers will take their word for it that they are getting a good deal.

2. Get estimates in writing. In addition, you should make sure that you get all estimates in writing. By having these written estimates, you will be able to negotiate with companies to get the best swimming pool rate. For instance, let’s say that company A gives you a swimming pool price of $10,000 for a new pool and installation however; Company B gives you a swimming pool price of $7800 for the same swimming pool including installation. Well, you can take the quote from Company B (assuming that the specs are similar) and negotiate with Company A for a lower price. By doing this, you can save yourself a tremendous amount of money.

3. Shop off season. The prime buying season for pools is in the spring or summer as this is when companies charge prime costs. However, if you shop for a swimming pool in the fall or winter, you will be purchasing pools off season and will likely receive discounts and the swimming pool price will be much better. In fact, you will typically save 25% or more by shopping during off season times.

In conclusion, swimming pool prices vary significantly but savvy shoppers who contact several companies, get estimates in writing, negotiate for the best prices and shop off season are the ones that can obtain significant discount and the best swimming pool price. Therefore, make sure that you follow these tips when purchasing your new swimming pool and you’ll be swimming free and happy that you received a great price for your investment. Good luck and have a blast with your new swimming pool.

Although having your own pool can be loads of fun, many people worry about the upkeep.  With a few basic pool chemicals and pool cleaning equipment, you’ll be on your way to hours of relaxation and entertainment.

Pool Chemistry

The first step in caring for your pool is making sure the pH level is correct.  You need to maintain an adequate balance of acid and alkali.  Having too much acid in your pool will result in corrosion to your pool equipment as well as skin irritations for the swimmers.  Too much alkaline will produce cloudy water.

A neutral pH is 7.0, and the target pH for swimming pools is between 7.2 and 7.8.  Sodium bicarbonate, an alkaline, and sodium bisulfate, an acid, are two products used to keep pool chemistry in check.  Balancing pool chemistry must be done continuously, because body oils and even debris such as leaves can alter the chemical balance.

Chlorine or Baquacil?

Pool owners have depended on chlorine as a pool disinfectant for many years.  Baquacil is a biguanide, or hydrogen peroxide-based oxidizer, that has become a popular substitute for chlorine.  Biguanides are sanitizers, rather than disinfectants.  Either chemical is effective, but they must never be mixed together.

Chlorine and Baquacil both have pros and cons.  Chlorine kills bacteria quickly but also irritates swimmers’ skin and eyes and can corrode pool equipment.  Baquacil is non-corrosive, but it shortens the life of pool filters and does not disinfect the water.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Tools

There is a large selection of pool cleaning equipment.  The following are some basic tools you will need to keep your pool clean.

  • Telescoping pole:  These poles are either aluminum or fiberglass and extend to various lengths.  The two holes at the end are used for attaching the different cleaning attachments.
  • Vacuum head and hose:  The vacuum head attaches to the end of the telescoping pole, and the vacuum hose attaches to the vacuum head.  You will need to vacuum your pool frequently in order to keep it clean.
  • Skimmer net:  Skimmer nets have a frame covered with a mesh netting.  They are attached to the end of a telescoping pole.  You need to use your skimmer net every day, and sometimes more than once a day, to remove any debris floating on the pool water.  Debris should be removed from the water before it has a chance to sink to the bottom of the pool.
  • Pool and tile brushes:  Brushes for cleaning the sides and bottom of a pool and brushes designed to clean the pool tile band are attached to a telescoping pole.  A weekly cleaning with brushes is recommended.

More Basics

If you have any questions about the care of your pool, ask a local pool service for advice.  You can even take water samples to some pool services for analysis.  And although swimming pool cleaning is important, keep in mind that pool safety should also be your first concern.

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