If you are an inground swimming pool owner, chances are you are already involved in the maintenance and care of your pool. Or you may have a contract with a company that comes weekly to clean the pool, adjust the chemicals and take care of repairs as they crop up. Perhaps you handle the cleaning and chemicals yourself and just call in a professional swimming pool repair company when you know that you have a major problem. Maybe you have just purchased an older home that has the swimming pool you’ve always wanted but it is old and looks unappealing. Weather it is your own aging swimming pool, or one in a home you’ve just purchased, you want to remodel and upgrade it to add to the asthetics and ambiance of your backyard, conserve energy, and increase your enjoyment.

If your swimming pool is between 15-20 years old, now is the time to undertake a total remodel and upgrade of your inground pool, equipment, coping, tile, lighting and decking. When starting such a project, begin at the foundation. In this case we’re talking about all of your pool equipment, wiring and pipes. Any possible swimming pool leaks must be repaired and the source eliminated before work is undertaken. This includes a total evaluation of your equipment. If minor pool repairs have been made over the years, now is the time to go ahead and purchase new pool equipment if necessary or do a first class repair job on what you already have such as pool skimmers and your swimming pool motor. If you have a heated pool or lights in the pool, now is the time to bring your swimming pool’s electrial wiring up to code.

Next comes the actual cosmetic repair of your swimming pool. If you have a fiberglass pool, damage such as chips, cracks and discolorations are usually limited to the top layer which is a kind of gel coat. That kind of damage can be repaired by a company that basically resurfaces your pool with one of several processes that would be similar to painting the surface layer of the fiberglass. The more common gunite or concrete swimming pool in need of repair usually presents with chipped plaster, cracks, discoloration, or a wearing down of the plaster through erosion. The proper swimming pool repair service can resurface your pool so that it looks brand new. Enjoy!

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Solar Heating is a great way for pool owners to save money and help the environment at the same time.  Natural resources such as solar power and solar heating are now being used when it comes to a cost effective way for people to heat their swimming pool. There are a couple of different options available when it comes to heating a pool via solar power or solar heating. If a person decides to heat their pool with solar power they can choose to use a solar panel power strip on top of the pool or on the roof of their home When the pool is not being used during the daytime a solar power panel strip can be placed on top of the pool to help heat the water underneath.

There are a variety of different looking solar panels available on the market today that can be purchased to place on the rooftop of a person’s home for solar heating for pools. There are solar panels available for purchase today that look like shingles and pieces of the roof when added to the home. Along with the solar panels that are purchased to heat the pool there is a filter and pressure valves that are attached with piping to the solar panels. The pipes used to filter heat from the panels to the pool for solar heating for swimming pools are attached to the side of the home out of the view of the public.

The solar energy for solar heating for pools is then transferred to a filter and a pump and then distributed into the pool to heat the water. This is a less expensive way to heat a pool than using a conventional pool heater, which can cost thousands of dollars to use each year. Solar heating for swimming pools costs a couple thousand dollars to purchase the system but doesn’t cost much after the initial purchase. A home with solar power systems has its value increase over the years.

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While swimming pools can be great fun, they also require responsibility. You will enjoy your pool even more if you have peace of mind that comes with following some basic rules for swimming pool safety.

If you have young children and are considering purchasing a home with a swimming pool, many resources exist to help keep your children safe. The most obvious measure you can take is signing your kids up for swimming lessons. Consult your pediatrician regarding the best age to do this. Some will advise you to have your children learn as early as six months old. Other doctors feel it is better to wait until they are at least two years old. Ask your child’s doctor about the pros and cons of each approach. You can find swimming instructors at health clubs, or you may want to check your local listings for a private instructor to teach your child at home.

Another service available at health clubs and community centers is CPR instruction. Every adult and teenager in a home with a swimming pool should learn CPR. Although you can equip your home with a variety of other swimming pool safety measures, accidents may still happen. When properly performed, CPR can mean the difference between life and death should a non-swimmer fall into the pool.

You can do many things to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Safe swimming pools are equipped with at least one easily accessible floatation device. This can be a life preserver, inflatable raft, foam “noodle,” or other buoyant item that is easy to grab onto. Beach balls are hard to hold when wet and will not serve as life saving devices in an emergency, so be sure you have something more stable on hand. You should also check that your floatation device is always inflated.

Another way to ensure swimming pool safety is to install a privacy fence. Fences should be at least six feet tall and made of materials difficult to climb. Chain link fences should not be used. Make sure gates are locked whenever not in use.

If you have a baby or toddler, you may install child proof fencing directly into your pool deck around the perimeter of your pool. These fences are made of plastic or mesh that won’t obscure your view of the pool and still keep little ones from accessing it through the house.

Remember, no safety equipment or training can substitute for proper supervision. Always watch children at the pool. Many accidents can be prevented by the presence of an adult who enforces safe behavior. This way, you can relax and enjoy your swimming pool along with the young swimmers in your life.

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Lounging around the pool and swimming are popular summertime activities that adults and especially kids love once school is finished. Pools are a great way to keep cool in the dog days of summer, but they can also be dangerous if the inhabitants of the pool are not watched closely by adults.  Inground swimming pools and above ground swimming pools are the two most popular types of pools on the market today. Above ground swimming pools are starting to become less and less popular these days because they require stairs and sometimes even a deck to access the pool, which can lead to injuries if children are left unattended. In ground swimming pools are easy to access because they are level with the ground and no one has to climb a ladder to reach the water.  A gate can be placed in front of the stairs to an above ground pool that can prevent children from accessing the pool when no one is watching.

Whether a piece of property has an inground swimming pool or an above ground swimming pool, the owner of the property is legally responsible to have a fence erected around their property to keep wandering children away from the pool.  Landscaping can easily be performed around in-ground swimming pools, which can raise the property value of the land where the pool is located. If you like hosting summer pool parties at night, in-ground swimming pools can provide people with a lot of excitement since they have interior lighting that makes it easier to swim once the sun sets.  People that want to swim at night should purchase in-ground swimming pools because they have lights that help to illuminate the inside of the pool.  People enjoy swimming in the early morning and late at night in their in-ground swimming pools so they purchase ones that have water heaters so that the water is warm enough to enjoy. In-ground swimming pools can be purchased from swimming pool contractors all over the country as well as above ground pools at specialty stores in most towns.

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