How much does a pool cost?

Since Pool Captain builds and installs in-ground custom concrete (gunite) and fiberglass swimming pools in Flagler & Volusia Counties we are unable to give firm quotes via email or phone. This includes those people looking for “just a basic pool” or “just something to get wet in”.

There are many different phases and facets of swimming pool construction that affect the cost. For example some issues that affect construction and final cost of your pool are:

Pool surface area size?
What type of pool? Infinity edge, fiberglass, gunite, lagoon style, geometric?
Pool deck area size?
What type of decking? Pavers? Acrylic Decking? Stamped Concrete? Flagstone?
Spa or no spa?
Water features?- waterfalls, spill-overs, sculptures, deck-jets…
Deck raises?
Beach entry?
Zero Entry?
Screen enclosure size (footprint, roof shape, and wall height)?
The type of soil on your property will determine whether or not we need to bring in “good soil” to back-fill with.
The amount of area we have to access your property with our construction machinery
Is there a sprinkler system currently running through the area where the pool is going?
Do any trees or stumps need to be removed?

We do not like to “guess” or “ball-park” a figure without seeing the actual construction area. We think it is unfair if we quote low over the phone then come to find out there is more to the actual construction and must charge you more. Pool Captain believes in being honest and fair with their customers, so we take some additional time in order to give you an accurate, precise quoted amount with no “surprises”.

If you would like to get an estimate for a swimming pool, call us today! Our design professionals will come to your home, discuss your plans and dreams for your backyard as well as your budget, and get back to you within just a few days with a drawing and estimate. They will adjust it until it matches your ideas, then walk you through the construction process.

Don’t wait, call today to schedule your appointment! 386-931-3778

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Should I be home during the construction?

Not unless you are already going to be home for other reasons. It is a good idea to be available via phone to answer any questions or minor issues that may come up along the way to keep the ball rolling on your project. At a point closer to the end of construction, we may need to get access to the electrical panel inside the house order to run the electric for the swimming pool If you are not going to be in town during the construction, you may want to leave a key with a neighbor, family member, or Realtor if possible to avoid holding up that phase of pool construction.

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How long will it take to build my pool?

8-10 weeks from excavation is a good time estimate. We cannot start counting the time it takes to construct your swimming pool until we have the permit in hand, which can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks after the signing of the contract.

If you are having waterfalls and other special features added to your pool expect it to take longer. Remember, the promise of the fastest or cheapest pool is not always best. The old saying applies, the “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

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Are you Insured?

Yes. As the homeowner, you want to know that you are not going to be held liable for anyone inadvertently getting hurt on your property while building your swimming pool. Pool Captain holds Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurances. We also require that all of our subcontractors produce evidence that they hold up to date insurance certificates prior to working on your property. You can ask to see proof of our, or any contractors insurance before allowing them to begin or resume work on your property.

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Are you licensed?

In the State of Florida you need to have a State issued Swimming Pool Construction license in order to pull a permit as a contractor from your local City. A person needs more than just a business tax license in order to be qualified to construct a swimming pool in your back yard. Pool Captain holds both a Swimming Pool Contractor License and a Residential Home Contractor License. Do not make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed contractor to install your next swimming pool. Ask to see the license. You can verify that it is active with the State of Florida at .

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