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outdoor kitchen
jamesandrassy asked:

i am trying to build an outdoor fire place and need help on design plans, set up, and how to for a few items

screen enclosure
sweetpeabrooke22 asked:

So, I have a screen porch attached to my house. The problem is that I’d like my cats to be able to spend some time out there, but I’m afraid they will claw through the screen and escape. I don’t want them to be indoor/outdoor cats because that’s just too much trouble, especially with the stray cat population around my house. So, I’m looking for an alternative that I could possibly replace the screen with or maybe even reinforce the screen. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

outdoor kitchen
Beth U asked:

I ‘d like to plant about 5-6 different herbs. And what about depth of the pot? By the way, I live in Michigan (zone 5).

outdoor kitchen
Coach asked:

Anyone ever built an outdoor kitchen. Any and all information you can give me about how difficult it is and where I can get some plans, please let me know.
I live in the Dallas area.

screen enclosure
Pete asked:

Do they come in specific dimensions or are they all custom made to fit your pool/patio? How much more for a two story vs. one story? Are there kits to do it yourself?