We have a 15,000 gallon above ground pool that we’re having issues with getting running. The pool came with the property when we bought it late last year, so this is the first summer we’ve been trying to use it; and it appears the previous owners didn’t use it in a few years and didn’t maintain it very well.

The filter we have is a Haywood DE (the pool is a Doughboy if that makes a difference)
We’ve tried numerous things to get the pump/filter system to work properly; clean it, replace parts (some of which I didn’t initially know were missing) treat it with DE.

Each time we’ve taken these measures, the pump runs great – initially – but after a couple of hours, the pressure on the return tappers to practically nothing. We can refresh it, but the pressure doesn’t return to nearly what it was.

We’ve had to this thing apart countless times now and it’s getting ridiculous.

The only thing the people at the pool supplies place has told us, is that the filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned with filter cleanser. We’ve soaked the filter with bleach, which they say isn’t enough to clean it, but the filter is spotless. If the filter were clogged with calcium and mineral deposits, would we be able to tell by looking at it? Is there’s a better way to clean that, than the $20 bottle of cleaner the pool supplies place sells?

What else might be the problem and how do we fix it?
The pool started off this summer very dirty; it’s finally starting to get clear. We’re fairly certain the previous owners didn’t even open it the last couple of years.
The main problem now has been the loss of output in the return and rising pressure on the guage.
One pool supply place recommended the muratic acid, but a tutorial I saw online said no to use that on a Hayward DE, as it would damage the filter. Which is it?

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Swimming pools are a great addition to any home. They provide you, your family and your friends with a way to relax, exercise and keep cool on hot summer days. But unfortunately, swimming pools are not maintenance-free. They must be kept clean and the water must be tested and treated to make sure that it’s safe to swim in.

It’s important to gather all the right pool supplies to properly care for and maintain your pool. Sometimes the number and variety of swimming pool supplies can be overwhelming. There are so many models, styles and options to choose from. Which home pool supplies are essential and which are optional?

Of course, pool cleaning supplies are essential. Every pool owner needs a skimmer. The skimmer is used to collect and remove insects, leaves, small twigs, and any other bit of debris you find floating on the surface of the water. If this debris isn’t removed regularly, it could end up clogging your filter system.

Unless you enjoy vacuuming, an automatic pool cleaner should be included in your swimming pool supplies. Automatic pool cleaners take care of the dirt and debris that collects on the bottom of your pool. Some models also brush the vertical sides of the pool. Robotic pool cleaners are the most expensive to purchase, but may save you money in the long run.

There is a whole range of pool chemical supplies that you need in order to keep your water clean, clear and hygienic. The most important weapon in your arsenal of chemical supplies is chlorine. Chlorine attacks any organic material that happens to be in your pool water and oxidizes it. Trichlor is the most common type of chlorine used in swimming pools.

Additional pool chemical supplies you may need include algaecide to kill algae (that’s what makes the water green) and specialized chlorine for a “shock” when your chlorine levels have fallen too low and need to be raised quickly.

Adding chlorine to your swimming pool water can raise the acidity level. Your pool supplies should include a pH testing kit to make sure that you keep your water properly balanced.

A pool cover is highly recommended. Pool covers help keep your pool clean, they reduce the rate of water evaporation, and certain models provide a high level of safety against accidental drowning. Basic pool furniture is also considered to be part of your pool supplies. It’s possible you could do without pool furniture, but a swimming pool wouldn’t be very relaxing without it.

It may be possible to reduce your pool supply costs if you can purchase your swimming pool supplies wholesale. However, you should make sure that the quality isn’t compromised, especially when it comes to your pool chemical supplies.

As the amount you spend for pool supplies adds up, you may begin to wonder what made your pool such a great investment. It’s true that swimming pools do have ongoing maintenance costs. But as long as you have the pool supplies you need and don’t let pool problems get ahead of you, then you should be able to spend most of your time relaxing and enjoying your investment.

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Swimming pool heaters are a must to help in the control of the temperature of your pool’s water. There are a number of heater types, but the two most common are the standard and the solar swimming pool heaters. Should you decide on getting a solar heater, just be sure that you have a pool that is properly located, mean which it receives ample amount of sunlight, otherwise it will just be a waste of financial resources.

You can try having the standard heater, which is powered by gas. This is one of the most popular means of powering your heater. Or perhaps you can use oil if in case you are located in areas where gas is not available. Of course, while this is the common means of heating your swimming pool, they are not necessarily the cleanest, in terms of caring for our environment. Definitely the most environment friendly are the solar swimming pool heaters, as they use the power of the sun to run and warm up the water. Whichever you choose, make sure to have it covered by a home warranty program, to avoid paying additional fees for repairs. We suggest visiting the First American website to get more information. 

One of the most efficient means of heating up your pool water is the electric type of heater. However, it should be noted that electric pool heaters are the most expensive to use. Unlike the solar heaters however, which might be unreliable during rainy or long cloudy days, electric heaters work for your pool effectively all year round.

Likewise, solar pool heaters can also be very expensive initially. You still need to purchase and install a pump that would bring water from the pool to the panels for it to be heated. Needless to say, this particular pump can be expensive too. However, you might just want to consider solar heaters for your pool as an investment as in the long run, you will save significant money because of zero expenses on power to run such heaters.

For more interesting articles and discussions on pools such as solar swimming pool heaters, do visit our Swimming Pools for You blog.

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