Majority of people who live in warmer climates around the United States have installed residential swimming pools. It does not mean that for buying a quality swimming pool, a person has to live in a warm climate. Getting a swimming pool is the nicest way to enjoy the most refreshing and energetic bath. However, it is always advised to safeguard the pool so that you can get the best results every time. There are a number of ways through which you can protect the pool for year round use. If you’re thinking about installing a pool, you need to consider whether you want to install a permanent home improvement fixture or purchase an above ground pool.

Want to install a good swimming pool at your home? People who wish to install residential swimming pools need to decide how much money they want to spend on the project. Justifying a realistic budget will help a person to determine the type of materials to be used in the construction of the pool. In addition, you will be able to choose the most desired size, shape and design extras. It’s important to take some time to think through this project, as it will be a permanent addition to your home.

Advantages of Installing Fiberglass Residential Swimming Pools

Many people choose to install fiberglass residential swimming pools at their backyards. These pools are easy to install and often last longer than their concrete alternatives. The best thing about these pools is that you can choose the most economical pool with matching size and shape so as to fit the look and feel of your home. It’s a good idea to consult with the pool dealer or manufacturer to make sure your home meets all the requirements for installing your new pool.

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You can find several differing kinds of swimming pools such as concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. Your unique wishes will determine which kind of pool is best for you. One big concern when identifying which pool is best for you is the dimensions of your financial position.

Fiberglass pools will be the most suitable choice for many people. Since they were first developed virtually sixty years back their popularity continues to rise. If correctly maintained for these durable pools will never need to be replaced. One massive way that fiberglass swimming pools are dissimilar than other swimming pools is that they are completely built at a factory.

It arrives at your home fully ready to go into the ground. It will have to be plumbed and leveled in order to be installed properly. You may also have to add a terrace or deck around it. Because it is already made a fiberglass pool can be installed much faster than other kinds of swimming pools. This is an important feature for the homeowner who doesn’t want to miss a moment of the installation.

Fiberglass swimming pools often require a bigger investment than other kinds of swimming pools at the beginning. Over time though they can really end up costing you less. Over time concrete and vinyl lined swimming pools will need maintenance for instance concrete resurfacing, liner replacement, or patching. These repairs can really add up. It is common for in-ground fiberglass pools to need less upkeep and thus less expense. An alternate way that fiberglass pools are less costly is that it’ll require less chemicals than a concrete pool. Since unlike concrete fiberglass pools do not leak alkali into the water less chemicals need to be added to keep the pool in the right pH balance. It’s also less complicated to keep a fiberglass pool clean since the pool is not created employing a porous material.

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Fiberglass Pool Lighting

Fiberglass pools have been available for decades, but are becoming more and more popular. They come in many sizes and shapes, are easier to clean than traditional pools, and best of all, they often come with, or can be fitted with, amazing color-changing lights. Picture your yard on a balmy summer evening. Fiberglass pool lighting in brilliant green, blue, red or purple shines through the night, giving your pool a magical glow. It’s a perfect setting for a twilight party for the neighborhood, or maybe a romantic evening for two.

There are several types of fiberglass pool lighting to choose from. Some have automatic color switches, and can be programmed to change colors in preset or self-selected patterns. Softly-lit fountains can bubble in your spa, or a beautifully colored waterfall will ripple from the spa into the main pool.

Fiber-optic lights are one choice for fiberglass pool lighting that has become very popular. These lights can be installed underwater or above the water level, and are low-maintenance. The light fixtures are fitted into light niches on the sides of the pool as in standard pool lighting. Safety is one of the keywords used in connection with fiber-optic lights. These lights come in a “moonglow” option, which emits a more natural light that is especially effective for night swimming, and for lighting steps. The other keyword is affordability. Fiber-optic lights use much less power than standard or halogen lights, and emit little heat.

Halogen bulbs can be used in pools, too, but must be installed below the water level as the cool pool water is part of the cooling system. These are installed in sealed niches to keep the water and electricity from mixing. Halogen bulbs give a bright light which is preferred by some pool owners. The bulbs last for about 1000 hours.

LED lights are another choice in fiberglass pool lighting. They are easy to install; bulb changing is also simple and safe. LED lights give a wide range of light, eliminating the shadows in the corners and ends of the pool that are common with standard pool lighting. They are also available in an exciting range of colors, which can be changed with a simple toggle switch. These lights, like the fiber-optic lights, are very energy efficient, and last up to five times longer than standard pool lights.
Whichever type you choose, enjoy your fiberglass pool lighting.

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Fiberglass Pools Save Money On Chemicals

Fiberglass pools are a popular and cost-effective option to traditional concrete, gunite and vinyl in-ground installations. One of the more frequently cited advantages fiberglass pools enjoy over similar competitors is a significant decrease in the number and quantity of water and pool interior maintenance chemicals.

Traditional stone and composite pools require an interior finish which serves to seal the pool from exterior ground-water borne water and provide protection and of the pool base material from the interior water and its chemicals. The stone composite pool requires periodic emptying of the water to treat, repair, re-plaster and acid-wash the lining. This is not an inexpensive process, as the cost of the chemicals is only a part of the expense. The replacement of the water must also be taken into account.

A vinyl-lined pool is a hybrid solution, providing a washable and far less maintenance-intensive lining option than plaster. However, tears or cracks in the vinyl can lead to the same issues as a plastered pool. Vinyl pools also require periodic emptying to either replace or repair the liner.

Fiberglass pools have their own issues, most of which can be resolved or addressed at the time of the original installation, or by using a high-quality gelatin sealant that not only protects the fiberglass from normal and routine wear-and-tear, it is repairable without the necessity of removing the water.

By being directly applied to the fiberglass, the gelatin lining bonds to the fiberglass without seams, ripples or cracks typical in a plaster-lined pool or the vinyl-lined option. Gelatin is also chemically-inert. It does not allow the interior or exterior ground-water to react with the fiberglass. This results in cost savings for the more concentrated or constant refilling of pH balancing chemicals introduced into the system because of the lining material. Further savings in chemicals are realized each time the pool is not emptied and refilled as part of routine maintenance of traditional pools.

Many fiberglass pools are available that are custom-sized to the specific location in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is unusually not necessary to remove the traditional pool in order to install a fiberglass pool into the same area. In many cases, this makes the installation much simpler, as the new fiberglass pool can be properly bedded and have the pump plumbing and drains installed with minimal fuss.

In virtually all cases, chemical usage will decrease up to 70% with a fiberglass pool in relation to a traditional in-ground pool. With the fiberglass pool lining gelatin being chemically-inert, the usual water-treatment chemicals for water softness, pH balancing and purification are much more effective, which translates into lesser quantities needed to effect the same interior water results.

Fiberglass is not a fad, it already has a history of decades of use and ever-improving technology now allow most manufacturers to offer up to 10 year guarantees for pool and gel linings. Whether this will be the first time installation or the third attempt following the installation of traditional pools, fiberglass should be the last time the pool needs replaced because of maintenance issues.

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Although concrete pools have long been the more popular favorite for backyard pools, the material fiberglass has also been in practice for about fifty years. Although outfitting your backyard with a fiberglass pool is going to be more costly than a standard concrete one, the long term benefits far outweigh the price.

Fiberglass pools are constructed from a prefabricated fiberglass shell. There is no pouring involved like there is with concrete; a large hole is dug and the fiberglass shell is merely fitted into it. The exterior of the fiberglass shell is non-porous, which is a better choice in the long run since dirt and bacteria can seep into the pockets of a concrete pool over time. Fiberglass is also a strong material that holds up well with weather and standard usage. It will not crack as easily as concrete, either.

Another benefit of fiberglass is the fact that the chemistry of the water will not affect the smooth surface of it. There is not a great amount of cleaning necessary, and it is easier to do so anyway because of the differences in surface material. Debris is more inclined to get trapped in the surface of concrete than fiberglass.

There are some drawbacks to fiberglass swimming pools in addition to the added cost. First, when you get a concrete pool, you can be very creative with the shape of your pool as well as an additional accessories, like a built in hot tub. But with fiberglass, the shapes are very limited to choose from.

Second, emptying your fiberglass pool could make for problems. Water needs to fill the fiberglass shell at all times to keep pressure on the walls in order for the fiberglass to keep its shape. If it’s emptied, the fiberglass can crack due to ground pressure. Fiberglass pool owners should plan on maintaining the water year round and investing in an excellent cover system. Always make sure to hire a professional if you absolutely need to empty it.

Another thing to consider when installing your fiberglass pool is the fact that most of these pools are placed on a bed of sand. If this sand shifts over the years, you may need to have your pool reset.

When installed and maintained properly, a fiberglass pool can provide decades of family fun and entertainment at a reasonable cost. The right team of professionals combined with a dedicated pool owner makes for fantastic pool results.

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