Owing a swimming pool is a large responsibility. The pool has to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. In addition you have to find way to prevent unthinkable accidents from occurring. However, if you will follow safety and maintenance guidelines you can enjoy the many benefits of being a swimming pool owner. One of the most effective ways to make your poll safe while reducing the stress and time needed for cleaning your pool is to purchase swimming pool covers. Swimming pool covers require a onetime investment in your pool but offer benefits for years to come.

Enjoy a Cleaner Pool with a Swimming Pool Cover

Swimming pool covers can help to keep your pool cleaner in a number of ways. Consider the following ways a swimming pool cover will help to keep your pool cleaner.

•Without a cover the water can evaporate. When this happens your expensive chemicals will evaporate too.

•A cover will keep limbs, leaves, and natural debris from entering your pool.

•Some forms of algae need sunlight to grow. By using a cover you can eliminate algae from growing when your pool is covered.

As you can see there are many cleanliness benefits that a swimming pool can offer.

Save Energy by Using a Swimming Pool Cover

Most of the energy consumption required of a pool comes from heating and cleaning the pool. By covering the poll you will reduce the amount of energy required to complete these tasks. After all, without a pool cover the water will evaporate much quicker and require fresh water to be added and heated. In addition, swimming pool covers can keep the heat in the pool when it is not in use so that you do not have to continuously heat the pool. You can also use solar swimming pool covers to heat your pool using the energy of the sun. This can save you a lot of money of the time you own your pool.

Prevent Accidents with Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers will make you poll much safer. You cannot always be watching or looking after your pool. Therefore, it is very possible that an unfortunate accident could occur if a child were to fall in. In most areas you are required to take steps to make your pool safe and prevent accidents. In addition to keeping children out of the pool a swimming pool cover will keep pets and stray animals out of your pool.

Minimize Set up Time

Getting your pool ready for the summer months can be quite a pain if you haven’t had the pool covered. Over the winter month’s debris, water, and dirt can get into the pool. In this situation it can require days of scrubbing and cleaning to prepare the pool for use. However, with a swimming pool cover you can drain the pool in the fall, cover it in the winter, and it will be ready for use come spring. Swimming pool covers make owning, maintaining, and enjoying your pool easy.

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A Question Some People Ask…

Since less chemical treatment is necessary during the winter , does the price go down for our pool service ? Our pool guy comes once a week and no one really uses the pool during the winter months . Right now we pay 80 dollars a month. Does this seem a little high for a small pool and a spa ?

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Since when swimming pools started being used is subject to doubt. Some think it is the Greeks who started using swimming pools and spas, while some think that the concept of swimming pools were first conceived by aboriginals far before the Greeks. Today, it doesn’t matter when swimming pools started becoming popular, what matters are that swimming pools have now become an indispensable part of our lives.

Swimming pools have modified over the years. Today, there are simple swimming pools, above the ground swimming pools, designer in ground swimming pools, spas, and more to come. Interestingly, all are popular across the world for their own reasons. The obvious question that arises is, how beneficial is swimming pools in human lives? The one and only answer to this question is, plenty. The most obvious benefits of swimming pools and spas are relaxation. Nothing can be more fun, relaxing, and easy mode of exercising as a swimming pool or spa.

The variations in swimming pools have added to its popularity. Earlier people had to manage a time to go to a community swimming pool, however today there are private swimming pools that come in the form of in-ground swimming pools, above ground swimming pools, spas with sizes and shapes to accommodate a single person, as well as a family.

Extensive studies are still being carried out to evaluate greater health benefits of swimming pools and spas. Relaxation, physical exercise, etc are something which was first to be proved. Further, when hydrotherapy came into light, swimming pools became the sole contender for the benefits. The health benefits of swimming pools cannot be ignored at all.

Today, doctors are advising people with various other medical conditions can like arthritis, asthma, obesity, etc to spend some time in swimming pools and spas to get rid of their conditions without having to rely on medicines. Today, experts are evaluating the endless benefits of swimming pools, which truly are endless in fact, it is no longer a doubt that swimming pools are here to stay.

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I have just opened my pool for the season and I have a sand filter for an Above ground pool. I am having problems with my backwash. I have a constant water drip out of my hose, has my filter been damaged through the winter ???? And should it drip like this even when the filter is on the filter position and not the backwash position. Any Information will be Greatly Appricated……………. Please Help

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