Puting a pencil to your own landscaping plans, you’ll start to notice some beautifully fascinating landscape designs, plans, and ideas. It’s almost hard to imagine how some landscape designers come up with these beautiful design ideas. Design shape, plant choices, materials, and everything that you have to think of is often too much for first timers to attempt much less dream up.

For other designers with a few years of experience, it’s repetition and experience. For other designers, it’s a matter of vision. Or simply trying different design ideas until something works is often the way it goes. Most of the folks in this last group are home owners and do it yourselfers. With no experience and without a clue, most resort to books and pictures of yards, landscapes, and gardens to try to find an functional idea.

With as many books and online landscaping pictures to look at, it should be easy to find a design that could at least be copied. If every yard, lot, or property shape was exactly the same, it probably would be.  However, the fact is that most yards aren’t the same size or shape. i.

Since this is how things usually are for most do it yourself landscapers, designing a landscape may best be looked at differently. Stop trying to find a complete plan that will magically fit your plot. As you go through different ideas, plans, and landscape design pictures, try to pinpoint the elements and principles that are alike in different landscaping layouts. Look for the things that are common and repeated a lot by different contractors. Because they most always come from simple principles of design and art, these are the things that are generally appealing in design. Elements like these will most probably incorporate well into most designs and landscaping plans regardless of shape.

Take a look at the different forms and shapes and how they’re repeated throughout the landscaping. And also pay attention to how plants are placed and how their colors are being used in different gardens. Consider the smaller details like plant color combinations, decor, and groups of other elements. Pay attention to the details of landscaping and not just the shape. You’ll get a better understanding of landscape design technique and mechanics which will be helpful in creating some of your own design ideas.

Other peoples ideas, designs, and even landscaping pictures can be a great design tool to help you generate ideas for your own design. Instead of trying to find your exact property layout, borrow and piece together several ideas from several different design plans. Besides saving yourself a lot of frustration, you’re more likely to come up with a design that is creative and unique to your own yard.

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