Roses are really one of the simplest flowers to grow and will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.  There is a full collection of roses to decide upon.  Mainly there are three important steps to  rose care.  First, is rose bush choice, second, is how much water and fertilizer, and finally, apprpriate pruning.  If you don’t have a good book on rose bush care may I recommend The Ultimate Book of Roses.  It will list names of various roses and which ones are the hardiest with great photos.

The type of rose bush you select is of utmost importance.  Depending on where you live and how much sun your yard gets each day will determine which variety will survive easily.  Some types can be problematic due to their tendancy towards disease and fungus.  On the other hand their are certain roses that can withstand a bit of abuse so to speak.  When planting your rose bush give it plenty of space to grow, generally, 3 feet around is a good rule of thumb. They will require at least 5 hours of sunshine so plant them in an area you know will accommodate that need.

A main consideration is watering and feeding for taking care of roses. An early morning soaking at the root base is the best prescription for ultimate bloom potential.  If it is a newly planted rose bush it should be well soaked everyday for at least the first couple of weeks.  Once a week watering is good unless you see that it seems to be drying out quickly.  Enable to keep the ground around your roses wet and weed free surround the bush with some type of mulch.

Once Spring arrives feed and fertilize and then repeat once a month after that until Fall.  Find a good rose food at your local nursery with which to feed your roses. It is not recommended to feed or fertilize during the cold winter months.   

For the best rose bush care proper pruning is vital.  Just prune off the dead flowers or limbs.  Trim the dead flowers or flowers you want to put in a vase leavng two to three inches that include three nodes. During the first two months of the year, cut back your roses to about two feet.

For more detailed information The Ultimate Book of Roses will definitely answer all your questions.

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