With so many pool companies vying for your business, how do you choose who to go with? It can be really confusing! Here are a few simple steps that should simplify your contractor selection:

1. Meet with and obtain estimates from 3 different companies. Be sure they itemize everything you will be getting for the price quoted. Items like stairs, a swim out, 6″ waterline tile, permits & surveys may seem like the obvious, but if you do not ask, you may not get them in the initial quoted price.

It is important to be sure you are comparing apples to apples.

2. Check with the local licensing authority to be sure they are is good standing with no violations.

3. Ask around…ask friends and neighbors who have pools whether they were happy with their contractor. Ask about professionalism, quality, warranty issues (if any), communication.

You can ask for business references and testimonials and  pictures of pools completed.

4. Are you comfortable with your sales person? Was he/she able to answer your questions? Were you comfortable with him/her? Did you feel s/he understood what you were looking for and what price range you need to keep it in? Keep in mind, many times the person you meet with is an employee or hired sales representative who should be able to explain the construction process, design, cost, and payment/contract details. If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to meet with or speak the actual contractor as well!

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