San Juan Fiberglass swimming pools come with a 25 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Installation Time

All fibreglass pools Bendigo can be installed in under 1 month!

Chemical Balance

Fiberglass is an impermeable barrier. It’s surface does not alter the chemical balance of your pool in any way.

Algae Resistance

The fiberglass walls and floor do not create a good habitat for algae attachment and growth. Algae is easily swept off with a standard pool brush.

Energy Efficiency

Water can circulate 4-6 hours per day. Fiberglass is a good insulator and reduces the heat transfer from your pools water to the earth surrounding.

Surface Texture

San Juan Fiberglass swimming pools are smooth. They are non-abrasive and will not pick bathing suits.

Quality Control

Fiberglass pool shells are fabricated indoors in a controlled environment conducive to producing top notch quality products.

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